Monday, November 4, 2019

Transitioning technology in the right way. Learn more at International Innovation Summit 2019.

  The rapid growth of technology in recent years has compelled many companies to optimize their business operations to seek efficiencies and ensuring growth and maximized productivity.

  With each new innovation that is introduced in the market, businesses are quick to jump on the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and use it as a competitive advantage. However, these integrations come at a cost that raises the issue of workforce redundancy and blurs the line between the physical world and the virtual realm.

  The Fourth Industrial Revolution has transformed connectivity and cloud technology from buzzwords into common industry terms that businesses now use as they become part of the digital age. This new era opens up, not just with risks, but opportunities as well – from growing a business to moving jobs up the value chain.

  What happens when brilliant minds find multiple ways to use this fast-evolving technology for the greater good? How can businesses ensure an elevated service delivery and customer experience through digital data?

  The upcoming 11th International Innovation Summit (IIS) will gather global leaders and subject-matter experts to explore the answers to these questions and other IT and business process management (IT-BPM) issues.

  With the theme, “Next PHase: Leading the charge, withstanding headwinds, driving the IT-BPM future today,” this year's Summit will zero in on three relevant tracks: human capital, country and policy, and deep tech. Members of the academe, business sector, and government are also expected to attend IIS 2019 on November 12 th at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

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