Monday, November 4, 2019

Join Huawei's Step, Snap and Share Challenge and might win awesome prizes.

  Challenges are all the rage on social media nowadays, showcasing unlikely talents, advocating worthy causes, and even the occasional “glow-up” journey. As for Huawei Philippines’ new challenge, a different kind of flexing is required -- one that stretches the legs for two weeks straight in the name of fitness.

  Huawei Philippines Step, Snap & Share challenge invites folks to post their 14-day step averages using the step counters/pedometers on their phones. The challenger with the highest average steps wins an awesome prize from Huawei!

  The challenge is to engage those people with active lifestyles, or even just
people who walk several kilometers to and from their workplaces, schools, etc.
Moreover, this is a chance for people to start a walking/running habit, since two
weeks is all it takes to form one -- and maybe win a cool reward in the process!

  Participants are to record and screenshot their average number of steps for 14 consecutive days, upload said screenshots publicly on their FB accounts with the hashtag #ExploreMoreSteps along with a prescribed caption.

  The challenge officially starts on October 26 and concludes on November 26, 2019, where Huawei will rank the posts with the highest step count averages. A total of 12 winners will get the chance to win the latest Huawei wearables, as follows:

1st place - Huawei Watch GT 2 (46mm)
2nd place - Huawei Watch GT 2 (42mm)
3rd to 7th place - Huawei Band 4
8th to 12th place - Huawei Band 4e

  What better reason to get started on those fitness goals, right? Burning calories has never been more motivating, as Huawei’s newest lineup of wearable tech features state-of-the-art fitness tracking functions, it’s like having a personal trainer on the wrist.

Huawei Wearables Price:
  • Huawei Watch GT 2 Classic PHP 13,990
  • Watch GT 2 Sport - PHP 10,990
  • Huawei Band 4 - PHP 1,890
  • Huawei Band 4E - PHP 1,390

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