Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Converge FlexiBIZ: The new flexible internet products for SMEs.

Converge FlexiBIZ Gizmo Manila

 With the Philippine economy taking a big hit during the pandemic, small-and-medium enterprises have been considerably affected by the challenges brought about by the new normal. Even as the rest of the country adapts and transitions into a more digital work environment, SMEs are faced with operational and financial concerns that present daunting challenges for business owners and their employees, as well.

Driven by their commitment to help uplift the local economy, especially during these unpredictable times, Converge ICT has created Converge FlexiBIZ. This new pure fiber innovation offers a range of connectivity solutions designed to not only support but boost small-and-medium business productivity. This service enables owners to take full control of their internet requirements.

With Converge FlexiBIZ, SMEs can take advantage of a pure fiber connection that is not only reliable but also flexible enough to allow a value-for-money internet service. Businesses will be able to experience higher internet speeds during a pre-set time of the day, depending on the SME’s chosen plan of FlexiBIZ Daytime or FlexiBIZ Peak.

Converge FlexiBIZ Daytime - SMEs will experience double the bandwidth from 7:00AM - 6:59PM, which is often the peak working hours within a regular business day. With a wide selection of plans to choose from, Converge FlexiBIZ Daytime is highly recommended for businesses with offices that mainly operate during the day.

Converge FlexiBiz Daytime Plan Rate Gizmo Manila

Converge FlexiBIZ Peak - SMEs are provided with a premium service that offers high-speed connections of up to 300Mbps, no matter the time. Converge FlexiBIZ Peak is perfect for businesses that need a fast and consistent internet connection, whether work is done during the day or night.

Converge FlexiBiz Peak monthly rate Gizmo Manila

Both Plans are in 2 years lock-in period, so SMEs need to chose wisely if which plans really suitable for their businesses since the FlexiBIZ Daytime or Peak can't be upgraded to the other specific Plan.

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