Friday, April 10, 2015

Xiaomi sets a record selling 2.11 Million smartphone in 1 day

      Xiaomi hit a new milestone breaking the Guinness World Record of most phones sold online in 24 hours with 2.11 Million devices sold on their 5th year anniversary. Breaking the record of Tmall when it sold 1.89 million smart phones during Single’s Day on 11th November 2014.

      Xiaomi recently recently held a flash sale worldwide called #MiFanFest to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

     Here are the final numbers for the 2015 Mi Fan Festival are just in. In addition to 2.11 Million devices sold and total revenues of ¥2.08 Billion, here are some of the sales highlights smile emoticon

- Mi Power Bank: 403,000
- Mi Headphones: 336,000
- Mi Power Strip: 247,000
- Mi Band: 208,000
- Mi Wi-Fi: 79,000
- Mi Smart Scale: 45,000
- Mi TV: 38,600
- Mi Selfie Stick: 37,000
- Mi Air Purifier: 31,000

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