Monday, April 13, 2015

Cdr-King highlights their California E-bikes on Manila Intl. Auto Show


      Cd-r King joins recent Manila International Auto Show 2015 the one of the prestige car show event of the country. MIAS was hel last april 9-12 at World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Jam-Pack at CD-R King booth

     A Jam-pack weekend at MIAS specially on CD-R King booth as they show and demo their newest product, the California E-Bikes.

     A product demo shown by their ambassadress Mika Umali and Yassi Benitez on how to use the E-Bikes. The CD-R King ambassadress are one of the hottest models during the Manila International Auto Show.

1 of the newest E-Bike of CD-R King

     California E-bikes can use up to 25-30 KM riding distance on a single charging of 4-6 hours. Modern technology allows us to travel anywhere we desire but this also translates to 65% of air pollution in the metro and help to prevent climate change.

     California E-Bikes variants ranges from personal use such as Berkley, Fresno, Hensley, Compton and Sierra to mid-range as Reedley, Colton, Canyon, Highland, Rialto, Ridge, Siberia, Davis, Ventura, Stockton and Avalon. They also offer business type models such as Ontario, Truckee, Maybury and Malibu. Price ranging from 10,800 to 68,000 pesos.

How about the E-Bike Warranty?

     California E-Bikes has a 1 year service and parts warranty. upgrades and Accessories are also offered by California E-bike for safety and aesthetics. Their shops also offer compartment upgrades, LED Spoke and wheel lights and bike motor locks to name a few.

Where do we go when we need a services?

     You can go to the nearest CD-R King Branch to assist on want you need, you can also go to California E-bikes Shop near you.

     For more details about the California E-bikes, you can visit the CDR-King nearest branches or log on to ; you may also call their hotlines: (02) 245.0558 to 59 and (0925) 512.2238 for stock inquiries and orders.

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