Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Be Part of #TeamGlobe and Donate to Kiva Via GCash

      Christmas is just around the corner! To start it right, it’s a pretty good idea to be a blessing to someone else’s life by lending a hand.

      As GCash celebrates its 10th year anniversary, it has recently partnered with Kiva – an initiative to help grow micro-businesses and fuel the next generation of entrepreneurs. I encourage everyone to be part of #TeamGlobe and donate to Kiva via GCash in helping build livelihood programs in the Philippines.

To donate, follow these simple steps:

     Step 1: Access *143# and select GCash
     Step 2: Choose Donate to KIVA, and select Donate
     Step 3: Enter details as required:
                              GCash PIN
                              Email Address

        Make sure that you are a registered GCash subscriber before proceeding. You will receive an SMS confirmation after making your donation.

        You will also receive the “#ImaKivaDonor” badge in your email which you can download and share in your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

        Visit to monitor your donation and see the wonderful difference you’ve made through this program.

For more info, you may click this link:

Make a difference and join now! 

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