Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#SurpriseYourself with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4

      Have you ever thought of becoming a better version of yourself? Let’s face it, the thought of change may be scary. Change can be as simple as getting a haircut or as big as moving to a new country, but change is nothing to fear. By accepting change and stepping out of your comfort zone, you might even surprise yourself and discover that life can better.

     Let’s start with your mobile phone. If you’ve long been using a run-of-the-mill smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will definitely push you out of your comfort zone and surprise you with the new things that you can do.  It showcases new and improved features that can change the way you do things from ordinary to exciting.

     If you’ve been using a small screen, its large Super AMOLED QHD Screen will definitely astound you by surrounding you with colors that make watching videos a far clearer, richer experience. The Note 4 features a 5.7” inch screen for a vividly detailed expression beyond the limits of the human eye.

    If you’re used to swiping the screen with your fingers, wait till you discover the Enhanced S-Pen which gives you a superb touch and feel experience and lets you distinguish the slightest nuances in writing and press sensitivity.  

    The S-Pen also features the Photo Note and Smart Select which helps make you more productive when scribbling notes for work and lets you do many things faster and with even greater precision.

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s camera will enable you to take much better photos and selfies, and allow you to discover the photographer in you. The 16MP rear camera has smart Optical Image Stabilization feature that reduces blur and is perfect for taking images and videos under low-light conditions. While the front-facing camera has brighter lens for more vibrant and visible captures, and a wide angle that allows you to capture your typical, everyday experiences like you’ve never had before.

    You’ll also be surprised at how its improved battery life lets you accomplish more things and frees you from the hassles of having to charge frequently. With Ultra Power Saving Mode, you don’t have to worry about losing functionality for vital apps. It allows you to access the phone’s basic functions, such as making calls and sending messages, while still optimizing battery life for as long as possible, even at 10%.

    And if you’re hesitant to try Android, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will show you why change shouldn’t be feared. It allows you to personalize your experience and discover a whole new treasure trove of apps while letting you experience Samsung’s revolutionary thinking.  That will surely make a big difference in your life.

    Step out of your comfort zone, make the change and surprise yourself with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which will be available in the Philippines starting October 25.

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