Thursday, February 23, 2023

ZTE Excites with the Latest Blade Series and introduces RedMagic 8PRO in the PH.

 ZTE is poised to do exactly the latter as they are diving headfirst into the competitive smartphone industry in the Philippines as they officially unveiled two game-changing lines of mobile devices for the Filipinos.

  ZTE PH launches two game changing lines of mobile devices for Filipinos, the Blade Series which caters premium quality and high performance at attractive price point.

ZTE’s Hero Series: The Blade Series

The Blade Series comes with 3 different variants, such as:

  • ZTE Blade V41 Vita 5G
  • ZTE Blade V40 Design
  • ZTE Blade V40S

  The Blade V41 Vita is the marquee product of the lineup, boasting of exquisite design and unlimited vitality. It has a powerful 50MP triple camera that provides crystal clear high definition images. The heart of the Blade V41 Vita is powered by the MediaTek Dimen
sity 810 5G Processor. It provides high performance with its blazing fast with its Octa-core 2.4GHz processor but still offers low power consumption to help with long lasting battery life.

  While the Blade V40 Design, is premium, elegant, and stylish. It offers the same 50 MP triple camera like the V41 Vita, which gives the model access to amazing photography with its high definition output. You also get the full suite of key photography tools such as the bokeh camera and the macro camera. Whether you’re shooting food, landscapes, stunning night photos, or beautiful portraits, you’ll always get crystal clear shots.

  Lastly, the most affordable option is the Blade V40S. The Blade series is all about impeccable picture quality and the V40S is no different. The main camera boasts of 50MP resolution with a large f/1.8 aperture for low light photography.

  The ZTE Blade V40 Design, Blade V40S and V41 Vita 5G are available online via Kimstore ( or through Cirebon and Qstar distributors nationwide.

Price and Availability

  • ZTE Blade V41 Vita 5G (6+128) - PHP 7,999
  • ZTE Blade V40 Design (6+128) - PHP 10,999
  • ZTE Blade V40S (6+128) - PHP 11,999


  Together with the Blade series, ZTE proudly unveiled the RedMagic 8PRO, the latest line of the exciting RedMagic series from Nubia which thrives to create the best gaming experience. The phone is packed with futuristic designs and features to amazing performances. REDMAGIC delivers what every gamer needs to be the best they can be.

  Professional host, athlete and gamer and a RedMagic user for years now, Eric “Eruption” Tai, was named the ZTE RedMagic 8PRO Ambassador and shared his amazing experience using the device. His first and foremost consideration as a gamer is unrivaled gaming experience enabling him to play without limits. RedMagic 8PRO is loaded with the fastest chipset ever–the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and paired with Red Core 2, REDMAGIC’s dedicated gaming chip LPDDR5X + UFS 4.0. It features True Full AMOLED Display + 2nd Generation Under-Display Camera for a bezel-less true full screen.

  A master of endurance, RedMagic 8PRO includes fast 65W charging to go the long haul with two 3000mAh batteries for a total of 6000 mAh battery life and more than a full day of juice. Gamers can also experience rapid reaction with its 520 Hz Dual Shoulder Triggers for that perfect mobile gaming experience.

Price and Availavility

  RedMagic 8PRO will be available by March at ZTE’s distribution partner Cirebon Trading.

RedMagic 8PRO (12GB+256GB) - PHP 42,999
RedMagic 8PRO (16GB+512GB) - PHP 53,999

  ZTE will continue to leverage their extensive experience with telecommunications and information technology to bolster their smartphone line. The company is one of the trailblazers in offering superfast 5G wireless technology across various industries. ZTE actually ranked first in global mobile broadband and customer premises equipment or CPE markets in 2022, according to marketing research company Techno Systems Research.

  ZTE wants to make its presence felt and firmly leave a lasting footprint in the Philippines. The ZTE Privacy logo and Privacy Center that continues to comply with the applicable privacy protection laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we conduct businesses in. Through ZTE’s website (, users can understand ZTE's privacy protection philosophy and objectives, check out the privacy protection features of our products, and most importantly, consult regarding privacy protection issues.

  In the Philippines, ZTE will continue to be the industry’s solid partner in driving the digital economy through key projects that were instrumental in expanding and providing innovative technology and cost-efficient solutions and products to support our customers. ZTE is excited about 2023 and looks forward to the Filipino’s continuous trust and support.

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