Friday, March 4, 2022

TECNO announce it's newest technology RGBW camera sensor + glass on its CAMON 19 series during MWC 2022.

  During the latest edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022), one of the major events in the mobile technology world, TECNO Mobile announced that the Samsung RGBW color filter sensor technology will be available on its upcoming new CAMON series, which are well-known as the camera phone. This new technology is co-developed it with SAMSUNG, involving the addition of a white sub-pixel to the existing universal RGB configurations on phones, and is sold as part of the ISOCELL RGBW color filter sensor solutions.

  RGBW (red, green, blue, white) technology is heralded as the next major change to existing mobile camera frameworks, allowing the new generation of phones to further match up to professional cameras, particularly in the light sensitivity areas and low-light environments. The new RGBW sensor will be attached to a 64MP camera, and to increase the light input of the CMOS sensor, effectively brightening picture quality and creating ultra-clear details without impacting contrast in dark and backlit backgrounds. Coupled with TECNO’s complementary Glass + Plastic (G+P) technology, light intake can be further enhanced by another 30%, effectively doubling the overall picture quality for users.

  Compared with the traditional RGGB sensor, the RGBW light capture sensor adopts a new pixel arrangement, and introduces (W) white pixels that are more sensitive to light on the basis of not damaging the original three primary colors, with 1.7 times better sensitivity than green color filter, which can not only ensure that the color is not distorted, but also improve the brightness of the camera.

  TECNO’s popular CAMON series has always been a pioneer in the area of mobile imaging. New technology releases such as RGBW and G+P on the new CAMON release will drive the next evolution of mobile imaging.  

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