Friday, February 25, 2022

Take beautiful moonshots w/ the upgraded Infinix Zero X Pro.

  Astrophotography, or photographing the moon, stars, or other heavenly objects and celestial events, has drawn the interest of many amateur and professional photographers to capture the profound beauty of the evening sky while contemplating infinity and beyond. However, it can be intimidating, requiring expensive and complicated gear. Thanks to Infinix, astrophotography has become more accessible to Filipinos with the launch of ZERO X Pro, its latest flagship camera smartphone, now upgraded to 256GB of storage.

How Infinix ZERO X Pro helps you take beautiful moonshots :

1. Its 108MP OIS camera and 60X periscope moonshot bring faraway objects closer to you

Boasting one of the highest megapixels among mid-range smartphones, ZERO X Pro’s 108MP OIS camera shoots beautifully detailed images using a wide field of view, even in low-light conditions. Infinix ZERO X Pro’s innovative Hybrid Image Stabilization (HIS) solution makes OIS simultaneously work with electronic image stabilization (EIS) to feature never-before-seen-anti-shake capabilities.

  After pointing the main camera at the moon, zoom in at least 25 times until you get it in focus with ZERO X Pro’s 60X periscope moonshot.

2. Its Super Moon Mode adds a professional touch to your images

  Once the moon is in focus, Infinix’s Galileo Algorithm Engine captures that professional moonshot without the complicated professional setup. It activates the lunar exposure and locking system, which moves the focus motor to the most precise setting and adjusts the exposure metering according to the moon’s position.

  With the influence of the tidal forces on the moon’s distance from earth, the Galileo Algorithm Engine’s moon revolution elimination calculates and cancels the tidal forces’ impact on the moon’s movements to minimize blur. Seconds before you take the perfect moon shot, the lunar detail protection and AI deep learning algorithms are working to effectively retain the detailed textures of the craters and enhance the shadows and color for fine image details.

  When you see the image as crisp as you’d like it to be, take the shot.

3. You can take more photos with 256GB of memory, exploring different times and locations to get your favorite moonshot

  Take your moon shots during the golden hour to add a dramatic flair using your 
surroundings–a tree, a mountain, or architecture–with ZERO X Pro’s primary 108MP camera, together with its 120° ultra-wide macro lens.

  As natural light changes every time, keep practicing until you get THE shot. While highly detailed images can be memory-consuming, storage is not a problem with ZERO X Pro’s upgraded 256GB ROM.

  The new Infinix ZERO X Pro with 8GB+256GB, priced at PHP 15,990, is exclusively available on Lazada.

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