Sunday, January 9, 2022

TECNO Movie Masters Grand Winner releases first short film ‘Boracay: Beyond The White Beach’.

Tecno Gizmo Manila

  Budding Filipino filmmaker, Jo Serrano, has just released her first short film, “Boracay: Beyond The White Beach”, which viewers can watch in TECNO Mobile’s official Facebook and YouTube pages. The documentary-style film was produced in collaboration with top local director, Paul Soriano, and his team at TEN17P. Jo was named the Grand Winner of the TECNO Mobile Movie Masters Program last December, taking home a PHP 300,000 grand prize, and the opportunity to work on this movie with the boutique film company.

  The Movie Masters Program was launched by TECNO Mobile in 2021, with a short film competition that was open to amateur Filipino filmmakers. Finalists were tasked to create original videos using the CAMON 18 Premier smartphone, highlighting moving moments from everyday life. In her winning Movie Masters entry, “Bukidnon An Eco Adventure", Jo showcased raw and authentic moments that she experienced on a trip to the beautiful province of Bukidnon.

Making Boracay: Beyond The White Beach

  According to Jo Serrano, “Boracay: Beyond The White Beach” was inspired by the struggles she faced during the pandemic. The documentary-style film begins with the protagonist heading to the island of Boracay to escape. While there, she encounters locals who open up to her about their struggles, and how they cope with the pandemic.

  With this as her film’s theme, Jo aimed to show viewers that there is always hope. “I want my viewers to see that regardless of the struggles that we face during the pandemic there is always a silver lining and we all have to be steady in the face of challenges,” she said.

  When asked about her process in making this film, Jo replied, “Making a documentary is a very un-expecting experience. Since you are dealing with real people and real experiences, you wouldn’t know what happens next.”

Shooting with the Movie Master CAMON 18 Premier

  Just like her entry to the Movie Masters Program, Jo filmed “Boracay"; most of the scenes were shot using a CAMON 18 Premier smartphone. Jo considers CAMON 18 Premier a good starting camera for anyone who is interested in filmmaking but does not have the budget for expensive gear. 

“Its in-body gimbal feature is a big help when you are always on the go. As a traveler you need to carry light gears with you.” - Jo Serrano.

  Direk Paul Soriano agrees that CAMON 18 Premier is great for budding filmmakers, calling it the perfect tool for capturing moments and telling stories. In a recent Instagram video, he shared that his favorite CAMON 18 Premier feature is the Stabilized Gimbal Camera, which allows people to capture handheld shots that look nice, crisp and stable. He also said that this smartphone is something he wishes he could have had when he was starting out years ago making home videos, short films, and music videos.

  Through the Movie Masters Program, aspiring filmmakers were given a venue to tell their stories. In his message during the awarding ceremony, Direk Paul invited more filmmakers and creators to take advantage of opportunities like this.

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