Thursday, January 13, 2022

Be a Play 2 Earn Scholar from Astra Guild Ventures.

Astra Guilde

  During these trying times, most especially where work is difficult to come by for those whose industries were hit by the pandemic, people from different walks of life tried to find ways to make ends meet from extra income streams. Some may have put up small businesses, while others discovered play-to-earn games, where one, as the name suggests, can earn through playing.

  One of these games is called Axie Infinity, and perhaps there were stories heard about some people earning more than minimum wage (in Philippine Pesos) in a day. 

  Stories also went around where some were able to earn a few thousands in a day because they have these so-called scholars!

  These things are true, and they are happening. Jumping in and joining the potential growth can be done too, as the industry is just a small sprout soon to grow into a large and resilient tree. And for a game like Axie Infinity, investing by buying a team is possible, but for those who are risk-averse or can’t afford buying a team, being a player for a gaming guild can be a way to tap into the world of play-to-earn games.

Astra Guild Ventures - The Gaming Guild for You

  One of these gaming guilds that you can apply in is called Astra Guild Ventures, or AGV. This gaming guild is a strong growing community, and can be found in different platforms. Being one of the biggest gaming guilds, they boast around 2035 scholars and growing! They also are very transparent to their players by providing an earnings dashboard, as this transparency is easily accessed through the blockchain.

  Other than that, AGV is expanding to other play-to-earn games, trying to reach its full potential by giving opportunities to those who want to earn while increasing their revenues and profits. Of course, they get to do that as they are actually one step ahead in the executions of plans in their roadmap. The question is, do you want to be part of this?

How to Be and AGV Player

  Being part of the AGV community can put you into a spot of being a player for 
them, and of course, earning while you play. Hours of playing a day need not to be spent, as these games only take around an hour of two in your day. Potential earnings vary, as some actually earn more than minimum wage in a day.

  The first step that an applicant must do is to join the AGV Discord channel. From there, you can check the #get-started channel. Just go to the following link:

  For the gist of the journey of becoming a player for AGV, it is a must to be active in their Discord channel. Inviting members to the community to help AGV grow is also another factor in determining an applicant’s dedication for the task ahead. And of course, more of what lies ahead may be found by joining and being part of the AGV community.

  Being active in the community can also give perks. Some scholars get awarded because of certain events being held, as instant scholarship is given to winners. Keep an eye out on these things by being active!

  And let’s just put it out here. AGV is definitely happy to have you on-board! The guild is looking forward in having you around, as growth is definitely on the horizon, and you are part of it. Are you up for the task?

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