Sunday, August 8, 2021

Start Streaming your Game, Learn and Inspire from the 5 Gaming Creators on TikTok

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  TikTok has become a haven where gamers and gaming streamers can share and view creative content related to their favorite games. With short-form videos, gaming creators get to focus on specific moments within a game, from epic showdowns to monster kills, and even spotlight players and characters that they love. TikTok also makes it easy for anyone to create entertaining and engaging content that showcase their passions, with the help of editing tools that are easy to use and help boost creativity.

  The gaming community on TikTok has grown steadily over the last few months, and already, some creators have become favorites among users on the platform. These creators are both knowledgeable in all things gaming, and highly entertaining, too, which is why fans and followers enjoy watching and engaging with them on the platform. They're so fun to watch that they may even inspire others to start game streaming themselves!

Here are 5 awesome gaming creators that you must see on TikTok.

Archer Perez (@ArchiePerezz)
  Archer Perez shares a wide variety of content, including game updates, highlight clips, and funny skits, but what he is really known for is his gaming story series. He creates mini day-in-the-life episodes featuring his Project Zomboid character, Archie Reyes, showing his survival strategy, zombie slaying techniques, and near-death experiences.

Aya Ezmaria (@Ayaezmaria)

  There's never a dull moment when you are watching Aya Ezmaria, whose videos are a mix of hardcore gaming skills, and real-time commentary and reactions that are both intense and funny. Apart from game streaming, she shares reviews of games like Resident Evil: Village, The Medium, and other RPG and horror games.

RamenStyle PH (@RamerStyle)

  As a full-time gaming streamer, RamenStyle PH streams live on his channel daily, then shares highlights and key moments from his game on his TikTok account. Playing mainly first-person shooter and survival games, with Escape from Tarkov as his current main game, he meticulously describes what happens in the game, and with his character, and also uses creative editing tools to improve his content.

KrisRey (@krisreyx)

  KrisRey's videos can be described as genuine and fun. Those who follow her streams can watch her rank up on Valorant, and witness some of her impressive kills in the game. Apart from gaming content and tips.

Chuplak (@Chuplakz)

  Chuplak hopes to promote Bisdak Gaming all over the Philippines 

through his online content. Bisdak is a Cebuano term that means Bisaya-speaking. His TikTok videos feature Chuplak doing commentaries, in Bisaya of course, on Dota Esports games with teams and players from all over the world.

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