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VST ECS Tech Summit 2021 Day 4: The importance of Cloud Computing.

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  VST ESC Tech Summit 2021 dubbed as 'The Future Series', a 7-day event bringing in tech giants from the Philippines and all over the globe. Featuring top companies, channel partners, and over 50 speakers from the tech industry.

  On Day 4, the session tracks will talk about the Cloud Computing and services. Speakers presents how their companies empowered todays business.

  Cloud Computing makes a big role in todays setup, especially for those who are working on remote at home during this pandemic.

  Amazon open up the Day 4 as they talks about the Amazon Cloud services., they announces the expansion of Amazon Cloud in the Philippines. Business specially Enterprises can now adopt Amazon Cloud Services such as Cloud computing, AI and Big Data.

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  Amazon Cloud services comes with complete set of best practices that allows enterprise to quickly setup and adopt the cloud setup they needed.

  Amazon highlight their with the recent 11.11 Global Shopping Festival with a total $74 Billion on their Gross Merchandise Value (GNV) with 26% growth on Year over Year (YOY). Able to achieve this huge numbers while supporting 583,000 peak orders per second.

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  Lim Seh Guan talks about SUSE's Hybrid Cloud Management with Kubernetes and Rancher. Their cloud native services. SUSE uses Containers which is easy to create and deploy. This container are Linux processes which mount a seperate disk image with the help of Linux features such as cgroup and namespace.

  SUSE best selling products called RANCHER is the world's most popular Kubernetes Management platform today.

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  The Spot by NetApp is a cloud solution that offers Cloud optimization called Cloud Analyzer to understand more about improve Cloud efficiency and reduce the cloud cost. NetApp works provides fully automation for continuous optimization cloud solution for more than 1,500 companies, a total of 15 Billion+ Compute Hours/ Month with 70% - &3% of average savings. NetApp provides 24/7 support and get a responds from their engineers with less than a minute.

  Microsoft Azure Stack Hub offers different cloud services, one of the in demand service they offered is the Hybrid Cloud. It provides seamlessly extend the app and data to the cloud which allows you to deploy anywhere.

  Comparing to the traditional Infrastructure Hosting, Microsoft Azure Stuck Hub cut the costing of investing in hardware, software and low upfront costing.

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  You can join the Day 5 to Day 7 VST ECS Summit 2021 session or backtrack/playback the whole summit session from Day 1 to Day 7 on VST ECS YouTube Channel.

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