Saturday, June 26, 2021

Nanoleaf officially launch in the PH.

Nanoleaf smart lightning

  Nanoleaf is now officially launch in the Philippines. Nanoleaf founded in Canada back in 2012, today they're company is a well-known modular smart lighting system worldwide.

  As they announce the launch of the Nanoleaf in the country, they introduce their full product line-up:

  • Nanoleaf Elements
  • Nanoleaf Shapes
  • Nanoleaf Essentials
  • Nanoleaf Canvas

  These Nanoleaf products are fully customizable LED smart panels that will turn your empty simple wall space into a new-level elegant design.

Nanoleaf ElementsElements Wood Look Hexagons, a line of highly customizable modular panels featuring a wood-grain veneer finish that complements any furniture and interior design. The wood look bespoke lighting doubles as wall art with its textured finish. Customizable lighting Scenes and adjust your lighting from cool to warm for the ideal ambience.

Nanoleaf Shapes - This new Shapes Line, a Wi-Fi controlled lighting system composed of touch reactive LED panels that transform up your game space with just a tap of your finger or a command of your voice. 

Gamer's, streamers and video creators are among users who set a dynamic RGB glow on their Gaming Station.

Nanoleaf cool features:

  • Video game beyond the screen
  • Unique Wall design
  • Sync light and sounds
  • Gaming Mode

Nanoleaf Shapes:

  • Hexagon
  • Triangle
  • Mini Triangle

Nanoleaf Essentials - Smart lightning to improved reliability for a fast and stable smart home experience. Set the perfect ambience on your home with just tap away. You can also customize the lightning schedule from you mobile app.

nanoleafPH ambassador gizmo manila

  With the launch, they also tap filipino gaming celebrity such as Mikael Daez, Megan Young and Alodia Gosiengfiao.

  Mikael and Megan transform their fitness area by adding Nanoleaf devices on their wall. Adding avibes that sync their fitness music to the Nanoleaf Shapes lightning to boost their adrenaline to do more. While Alodia is set to level-up the Tier-One Entertainment office with the help of Nanoleaf lightning.

  Nanoleaf smart lightning can be customize using the Nanoleaf app. You can set the lightning with just a tap. You can also Create Scene, customize light alarm and share or download scene. Nanoleaf app is available for android and iOS devices. Nanoleaf app also support Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. You can now purchase Nanoleaf products through their official online store in Lazada. Nanoleaf offers 2 years complimentary replacement of defective hardware.

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