Thursday, April 8, 2021

OB.Neon defeat TNC.Predator in a Predator League 2020/21 BO1 Upper Match.


TNC vs NEON Predator Gaming Gizmo Manila

  OB.Neon (Neon Esports) with the upset win over the defending champion TNC.Predator in a BO1 Upper Bracket Semi-Finals match.

  Despite the TNC drew the first blood, OB.Neon dominates the whole game with more than 20 kills ahead over the opponent, allowing them with only just 10 kills for the side of the depending champs.

  OB.Neon Playhard- with Mirana got the perfect combo with the Eul Scepter and Sacred Arrow. Aside from that OB.Neon always go for a gank with a perfect execution thanks to the help of IO and Tusk. OB.Neon doesn't allow the game to move into the late game since they know that TNC.Predator heroes are more powerful when it comes to the late game.

 OB.Neon will advance to the Upper Bracket Finals and TNC.Predator will move to Lower Bracket and will face the winner of Match 10 between Team Mystery and GXR in a BO1 Lower Bracket Semi-Finals.

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