Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Globe rolls out all-new GCash-powered GPlans.

Globe Gcash Gizmo Manila

  With rapidly evolving needs brought about by the pandemic, coupled with the latest innovations in technology that continue to revolutionize our daily lives, Globe Postpaid has reinvented its plans to allow subscribers to take back the reins of life. With the all-new GPlan powered by GCash, Filipinos now have access to limitless options of life enablers, fit for what they need and aim to be.

  The all-new GPlan powered by GCash, is its most flexible subscription plan yet. It gives customers the power to access anything they need in life and whatever they love with GCash credits that come with the plan - from everyday essentials, earning a living, access to learning, entertainment, gaming and even shopping!

  Gone are the days when old postpaid plans only let customers get mobile phones. With the new GPlan with GCash, imagine making life easier with that robot vacuum cleaner or electric scooter you’ve been eyeing since Christmas; or indulging in your favorite hobbies such as playing with the latest gaming console; or shopping at discounted prices; or binge-watching with premium content subscriptions; or satisfying cravings with great deals and more. The options are limitless with exclusive promos, vouchers, and access to Globe’s partners right at your fingertips!

    The new GPlan is available for as low as PHP 599 up to PHP 7,999 per month. Aside from GPlan with GCash, Filipinos can also choose other types of plans that suit their needs:

GPlan with Device: for those who want to choose from a range of mobile phones, tablets and wearables. They either come for free or with affordable one-time cash-out or charged to their monthly bill.

GPlan SIM-Only: for those who want to enjoy double the data allowance, unlimited calls and texts, but still be using their existing devices.

GPlan SIM-Only All Data: indulges subscribers with huge data allocation that can stretch up to 80GB per month.

  The new GCash-powered GPlan gives customers access to all they need to go after the life they want. Coupled with the amazing speed and connectivity that Globe’s 5G service can offer, it’s a life advantage one should not pass up.

  New and existing subscribers can now apply for the GPlan of their choice. To learn more about Globe Postpaid’s all-new GPlan, visit

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