Tuesday, April 27, 2021

AZZA announces Falcon Wing Case, OVERDRIVE.

AZZA gaming case gizmo manila

   AZZA introduces the OVERDRIVE. Inspired by powerful muscle car engines, is an E-ATX case measuring at a massive 440 mm x 570 mm x 590 mm for extreme performance. The OVERDRIVE is a water-cooling enthusiast’s dream case with its open falcon wings, high-quality steel and premium aluminum body, and impressive hardware compatibility.

   The engine-inspired OVERDRIVE reimagines the design of a PC case. Challenging conventional thinking by using an open frame with a unique component layout, this case is targeted for water cooling enthusiasts looking for a best-of-the-best statement piece.

   The OVERDRIVE features two tempered glass and aluminum hinged falcon-wing top panels. When closed, the case has an aerodynamic look. When opened, in addition to providing optimal airflow and maximum performance, users are presented with quick access to the components for ease of maintenance.

   The roomy and open frame design of the OVERDRIVE is only the first aspect of its performance-driven design. Featuring an oversized 200mm ARGB fan at the front, airflow across the motherboard is guaranteed to be plentiful.

 In addition, the side panels and top tray can accommodate:

  • Up to 3 x 360mm radiators
  • 9 x120mm fans
  • Up to 2 x 400mm long GPUs
  • Tall pump and reservoir combo at the top of the case

The AZZA OVERDRIVE is available at SRP US$599.99.

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