Tuesday, October 20, 2020

TikTok sends love to the Filipino community in free online concert.

  On October 18, 2020, content creators and local celebrities from the Philippines came together for #GenTikTokPH, a online celebration of Generation TikTok - the diverse community that makes TikTok a place of joy, positivity and inspiration.

  Generation TikTok was streamed on the TikTok PH account via TikTok LIVE. Viewers were treated to an entertaining program filled with music and dance, side by side with pocket showcases featuring TikTok’s top trends and educational content. 

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  The show was headlined by three local artists who are all avid TikTokers:
  • Iñigo Pascual - Actor and singer
  • Ben&Ben -  indie folk band
  • Rico Blanco - singer-songwriter
  Interspersed with these musical performances were segments that underscored TikTok’s impactful content, #TikTokU and #itStartsonTikTok. Back in May 2020, #EduTok transformed the platform into a venue for learning everything, from practical life hacks to valuable skills for various careers. Giving the spotlight to educators and professionals like life coach Lyqa Maravilla, pharmacist Arshie Larga and medical intern Kilimanguru. The hashtag is now at 2.3B views and counting.

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  #GenTikTokPH did not fail to include what TikTok was first popularly known for -- trending dance challenges. TikTok dance creators shared the spotlight to pay tribute to one of TikTok’s biggest trends, Savage Love (Laxed Siren Beat). Each creator put their own spin on the popular dance trend, which features a catchy tune by Jason Derulo.

  The event was co-presented by SM Supermalls and Grab, with major sponsor TNT, Generation TikTok was truly a memorable event for all those who took part in the program, and the audience who enjoyed the show. 

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  Be part of #GenTikTokPH by checking out the hashtag on the app. Download TikTok app on your iOS and Android devices to get started.

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