Saturday, September 12, 2020

Top trend and viral videos? "It starts on TikTok".

  TikTok launches in the Philippines its latest campaign, “it starts on TikTok”, to celebrate the creators, community and culture on the platform that brought positivity and joy to life. The campaign is part of TikTok’s largest-ever global branding campaign that kicked off on August 18, 2020.

  Since TikTok’s launch, the platform has revolutionized content creation, laying the foundations for the rise of a new generation of creators that impacted pop culture and drove the country’s creative economy.

  Behind every viral video and top trend is a creator who brought a creation to life. As an idea catches on, so too does its impact across borders, cultures, languages, and communities. What begins as seconds of authentic creativity often turns into much more: careers blossom, memes develop, hobbies flourish, communities coalesce, and viral songs climb to the top of music charts. TikTok is a platform that brings joy and enriches your life.

  TikTok’s content, creativity, and creator-centric model, places every TikToker on a level playing field. Everyone has a chance to go viral as seen in the case of Tala that made TikTok a platform where the turning point to virality starts and happens.

  Who would have thought a song that was released in January 2016 would make a comeback to become the Philippines’ 2020 pop culture anthem?

  Since the launch of Sarah Geronimo’s Tala, the song has been building up its momentum over the years. With its catchy lyrics and danceable choreography, it has always been a part of Filipino pop culture, especially in the LGBTIQ+ community. But come November 2019, the dance covers spread like wildfire until it saw the resurgence as the nation's newest dance craze.

  One of the earliest uploads of the song on TikTok is from user Glyds Soriano on November 26, 2019, which was basically a snippet from the original music video. Since then, TikTokers have been using the song for their own #TalaChallenge dance covers.

  Joining the challenge on December 27, 2019 , teen celebrity Vivoree also uploaded her own edit of the song which was eventually used by phenomenal star Maine Mendoza and commendable actor Arjo Atayde in the video that truly cemented Tala’s virality. To date, Maine and Arjo’s video remains as the top viewed content for the #talachallenge at 12.4M views. Tala - Sarah Geronimo officially became part of TikTok’s music library in January 2020.
  For many creators in the Philippines and around the world, this online haven is TikTok. The community built on the platform is one that celebrates individuality, while embracing diversity. Its culture of inclusion has created an environment that welcomes everyone, regardless of race, gender or age. It truly is the platform for all.

  From the #TalaChallenge to #SavageLove, when you ride TikTok trends and take on hashtag challenges, you contribute to making the next viral trend on the app, and beyond. Together, the TikTok community has made an impact on culture and society, here and abroad, through the trends, viral videos, and creative content that started on the platform.

  No matter what you have and who you are, TikTok welcomes you to join and share your creative ideas. Download TikTok today on your iOS and Android devices.

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