Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Here's how GCash online transaction prevent the spread of Covid-19.

  With today’s scenario, facing a pandemic Novel Corona Virus disease (CoVid-19) not just in the Philippines but the whole world as well. Everyday hundreds of people died due to this virus. Recently! the national government step-up and decided to place the whole Luzon under Quarantine. Meaning people should stay at home all the time and allowing one person per household to go out to purchase daily needs such as food, supplies and medicines during the allotted window time period. And with that a lot of  businesses stop its operation, such as remittance centers , some of them continues to operate but you need to fall on a long lines of people wanted to send or receive . It may takes more than an hour for you do to this single task.

  Luckily I didn’t have to go out and fall in line just to send and receive money thanks to GCash! With the GCash app you can do a lot of things from buying load, paying online purchases, pay Bills, cashless payment for your groceries and send funds on to other GCash users and other bank accounts.

  Send express funds from your GCash account to another GCash user in an instant, enjoy this hassle-free transaction for absolutely FREE. You can send funds to your friends and family anywhere in the Philippines as long as they have GCash account.

  You can also send money to over 40 GCash partner banks in the country. Instead of going out to deposit the money for your loveones. You can easily do this with just a few clicks away using the GCash app. The GCash Bank Transfer service is FREE of charge unlike the other financial apps that has additional fees.

  Using the GCash app it not just save your time and effort but also the risk of having infected with the Covid-19 virus.

  As a long time user of GCash, this mobile app really helps me on my daily errands. From paying cashless on my groceries at Puregold, weekly mobile load and monthly bills payment. I also send money from my GCash to my relatives bank accounts thru GCash Bank Transfer for their monthly medicine since GCash can be use in Mercury Drugstore via Scan-to-pay.

  If you still don’t have the GCash app, you can download using this LINK or scan the QR Code to get PHP 70 worth of freebies.

   You can download the GCash app available for Android and iOS devices to enjoy the services.

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