Sunday, May 26, 2019

Paying Online Seller's thru bank transaction is hassle, but not with GCash.

  Ordering online is easy and convenient but not at all, big e-commerce company offers Cash-on-Delivery (C.O.D) but what if you wanted to order in a small online sellers like in Facebook Marketplace and in Instagram that doesn't offer C.O.D. and you need to deposit or pay the products on their bank accounts. This is the big dilemma of the online buyer's faces everyday. But with the help of GCash, the problem is now resolve.

  With GCash, you can now deposit/transfer funds from your GCash account to their perspective bank accounts. No need to visit banks when you can do it with GCash. Its not just cut the cost of going to the nearest bank but it also cuts the time and effort you do in falling in-line just to the transaction.

How to send Funds from GCash to Bank?

 1. Open GCash App.

2. Click Bank Transfer.

3. Select prepared Partner Bank.

4. Fill-up the information needed. (Enter E-mail address to received e-receipt).

 5. Upon completing of the transaction you will received SMS confirmation about the transaction, you may also receive E-mail details of the transaction.

  The Bank Transfer can be done in just 3-minutes or less plus the transaction reflect real-time.

  If the seller's are prepared to be payed via GCash since most of the online sellers are GCash user's

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