Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Audio-Video Solutions Corporation to provide world-class entertainment to the local market with Adam Hall’s LD System.

  Filipinos have a deeply ingrained culture when it comes to entertainment. Singing and music, in particular, has become such an important cornerstone for our collective identity that they are considered non-negotiable for parties or any other gathering that calls for some serious bonding.

  It’s this collective attitude that has inspired Audio-Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC) to constantly provide innovations to the market. As the provider of a premium line of portable videoke systems like Grand Videoke and professional audio products like LD Systems, the company is currently one of the ringleaders in the market when it comes to providing quality entertainment systems.

  Powering the success of AVSC in the local market, of course, are strategic partnerships with other world-leaders in entertainment technology. This is exactly the dynamic that the company shares with Adam Hall, a leading business in Germany that provides premium sound technology products. After forging a partnership in 2014, the pair has continuously provided for consumers who love entertainment—and know how to enjoy it—with premium products.

“Adam Hall has always been focused on innovation and the R&D of their line-up. Following AVSC’s vision to give only the best to its market, we have decided to have them as our reliable partner for our business. It’s a perfect match,” - Roberto Balderas, LD Systems Product Manager of AVSC.
  Since working together, AVSC has bundled their products like the Grand Videoke with Adam Hall’s LD Systems Dave 8 Roadie. The former is currently the exclusive distributor of the latter’s line up in the local market. While AVSC offers Grand Videoke and its contents, Adam Hall provides the speakers to complete the perfect home entertainment system.
“We believe that Pinoys are world-class entertainers. It makes perfect business sense that we only provide them with world-class products as well,” explains Roberto Balderas. “Adam Hall has proven that it is a trusted provider of innovative and high-quality products, so we believe that they are well-equipped to innovate and integrate new technology into new and upcoming products to respond to market demands.”
  The pair have recently extended their contracts and will continue working together in the future. In addition to LD Systems Dave 8 Roadie, AVSC carries other Adam Hall products like the Road Jack 10 (Battery Portable Speakers), the Curv 500 ES Plus, and Gravity Stands in the local market. For 2020, the company is planning to bring the new and upgraded versions of these models to the market including the new LD Systems ICOA Speakers with Bluetooth, a newer version of the LD Dave 8 Roadie, and the LDMIX6 Portable PA System set.

  As for its plans for the new decade, AVSC remains focused on its goal which is to provide the best quality sound equipment at reasonable prices that are acceptable to the local market.

“We want to continue being the top provider in what we call the Professional-Consumer (Prosumer) market by giving Pinoys the entertainment that they want and deserve. Music and sound are and should always be a perfect match, similar to how AVSC and Adam Hall is,” Balderas closes. 

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