Sunday, September 15, 2019

Araneta Center partner with InfiniVan for their telecommunications infrastracture.

  Araneta Center partners with InfiniVAN, Inc. powering the whole Central Business District (CBD) with an advanced fiber optic telecommunications infrastructure that can include 5G in the future.

  InfiniVAN, Inc., a corporate broadband provider and a subsidiary of Japanese firm IPS, has been granted Right of Way for laying its fiber optic-based underground backbone and access network infrastructure in the Araneta Center.

This is to provide corporate broadband service to tenants and/or locators in office buildings and commercial facilities in Araneta, transforming the business and leisure hub as a first-class data center.

  Araneta Center will be equipped by InfiniVAN with a carrier neutral Internet exchange that will make it possible for locators in the various CBDs to use any
telecommunications carrier’s facilities. This is through leasing of dark fiber capacities and other infrastructure components (e.g. broadband antennas) installed in Araneta to
mobile operators and other service providers for deploying their respective of wireless communications network in the Araneta Center.

  The Araneta Center Cyberpark, a multibillion-peso PEZA-Certified complex with two of its five buildings now operational, benefits greatly from this partnership. This will vastly improve the ability of the Cyberpark towers to cater to the very high and quality-sensitive internet connectivity requirements of the BPO industry.

  The Araneta Center continues to evolve as a business district. With its convenient location and unparalleled accessibility as a transport hub, it continues to draw premier international BPO companies that addresses and emphasizes employee convenience, which is an important factor when putting together the talent pool. Now, InfiniVAN assures these businesses support for top-of-the-line facilities that boost performance and profitability.

  InfiniVAN is also set to implement 5G trials. This will give access to high speed internet connections for world class events. The Araneta Center with InfiniVAN is preparing to provide top notch technology for large audiences that require a huge amount of simultaneous connections and low latency.

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