Saturday, October 28, 2017

Synergy88 Barangay 143: test your shooting skills and be the greatness.

  Synergy88 relaunch one of the well-known basketball mobile game today, the Barangay 143. This games was introduced last year as Barangay Basketball. The game was release in Beta and also to gain feedback' from the consumers. Also aside from that the app was also become lighter from Brgy. Basketball at 170mb to 65mb at Barangay 143.

  The game was also similar with the previous version which is the story of Wax taking his first step into a basketball greatness. But the Brgy 143 features PVP were players can now play against other with 1 on 1 shooting game. According to Synergy88 the game will be having a monthly updates to fix bugs and add new features.

 Aside from the mobile app Synergy88's Barangay 143 will also come-up a anime show in a TV network by summer of 2018.

  Synergy88 also planning to put up a Barangay 143 Tournament in the upcoming year with a P1,000,000.00 prize pool.

 Barangay 143 mobile app can now download on Android devices and will be available soon for iOS devices.

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