Saturday, May 13, 2017

Everything you need to know about the return of Ragnarok PH.

  Ragnarok Online PH will return after 5 years of break, the one of the best successful MMORPG event is back! Ragnarok Online was first introduced in the Philippines in 2003 and has been best game during its era. Now on its return Gravity tie-up with Electronics Extreme and Elite to bring this pioneering game in the country.

  Unlike before that you need to top-up load to play the game, this time it will be a Free-2-Play and  Free-2-Win system.

  About the one of the most problem in all games is the bot. In the new RO PH the game will run a double standard protection against the bot with the help of EasyAntiCheat, a company based in Thailand. This program is also use in RO Thailand with over 90,000 users in 5 servers.

  Ragnarok Online PH will empliment  a revo-classic. Experience and drop rate will be same as before. The game will be available on windows PC platform, but we will try to test the game in a windows tablet as soon as the game is release.
RoPH will be a Free-2-win game, it means all of the key items could be drop in the game.

  • The game will start with Job Class 2-1.

  1. Acolyte – Priest
  2. Mage – Wizard
  3. Thief – Assassin
  4. Merchant – Blacksmith
  5. Swordsman – Knight
  6. Archer – Hunter
  • The Alternate Job Class 2-2 will be available within 6 months
  • the High Class will be released between the first and 2nd year
  • Multiple client allowed up to 5x
  • Dual Security Patch by EasyAntiCheat
  • No IP restriction, open to all users
  • Boss Cards cannot be buy via to-up
  • No VIP section in game
  • Guild Wars (WoE) will be release in the first 3 weeks
  • Guild alliance is allowed
  • Item Mall will be available
  • ignore level differences between player and mobs
  • No IMBA Cash items
  • Godly items will be available soon
  • Different custom events will be happen for the PH.
  • The whole world map will be available except to Juno and Morroc Town is now fix
  • They’re will also bring back the Ragnarok World Championship, hopefully a chance to compete with the other international guilds in one world-class event.
  • The Close Beta Test (CBT) will start in the mid June, you can now register for the CBT at
  • They will also introduced the servers for the CBT, the Loki and Thor.
  • OBT will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

We will soon update the article once we know more info about the CBT and OBT.
Goodluck to all and Rak On!

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