Sunday, September 4, 2016

Change The Way You See You Love

  What is Love?

    Love is when you show how you care to some person, It’s a strange feeling that we can’t explain but we can express. It’s now just the way we love our family, friends and relatives. But also to others who needs to be love.

Love your parents the way they love you

Faceless Rider along Quezon City

    Change the way we see the love just for the people you love but also the people who needs care and love. It doesn’t matter how small or big it is, it’s the kindness that we share to other. It’s a great experience to use to see their smiles and say thank you. This photo is my friend/co-biker Jerry aka Nameless Rider, He inspired me a lot, the true meaning of giving.

    Giving food rather than money, Food is more important to their daily living rather than giving them money especially for the street children. Its better to share than to receive.

     This photo was taken last August 31 in Intramuros, a lot of people pass by and see her, but no one stay. I stay for around 15 mins sitting beside her, some chit chat to know her and ask some questions why she stay there.

       Her name is Lola Maria a 67 y.old mother from Tondo, Manila. She was in that place to ask for some food for her and his family, Then she go home at night. It touches my heart so much, It same as my mother than will can do everything for his children.

       I have 2 brother and we were raised by mother alone. My father died 20 years ago but it still fresh in my memory what happen back then. At that time we were still young I was 8 my brother was 11 and 5, Yes! Young and still didn’t know what really happen. My mother work really hard for us to survive, Paying monthly bills, school expenses, daily food and apartment rental fee.

   I started working at 16 to help my mom paying my school expenses as a crew on a badminton court in manila during weekend. To cut the story short I stop studying due to financial problem and decided to work to help my mother.

    2 years ago my mom lost her job as a caregiver here in manila because her patient died due to complication, she decided to stay in the province and doesn’t want to stay in manila plan to have a small piggery business. I am not a showy person, I didn’t express how I love my mother so much. Until this thing happen and recognized that after a long time living with my mother, you’re going to separate each other way. It’s a really sad thing but we need to face the truth.

my mom and my nephew

   Now, each day I always call or chat my mother, tell her that I miss her and how much I love here. It’s a big different when you see your loveones everyday, hug and kiss her compare to see her on a video call.

   What I really miss about my mother is the way she cook food. We also rarely take photos, this photo posted is one of the photo we had. I also didn’t upload photos online, but I think its not about how many photo you take or upload, it’s about how you show your love to your loveones. Today at the age of 28, I still don’t have relationship and doesn’t have plan yet. I want to give back what my mother give us before, Give her everything she needs and enjoy life with my relatives. My father bone was gone on the apartment grave in the cemetery even the contract was not yet ended wayback year 2000. Today she is only one i have and i love.

   Only few friends knows about my story, its not about i didn't share, its just i don't want other's to it know yet. They know me as a funny, happy and guy but deep inside i was a man who is broke and sad.

    Change the Way You See Mobile Photography, It makes great memories and excellent photos using Huawei P9. Huawei P9’s camera is co-engineered with Leica. It has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others.

    Now that the weather is badly raining i hope my family and the girl named Maria is ok. Im planning to visit again Maria on the 2nd week of September to give some food and some clothes for her and her family. I also as her what we want when I get back here! Maria said she wants to eat burger! So hopefully we can take a memorable photo together using Huawei P9.

  “Love is not just a boy or girl thing, even a guy can love a boy and girl can love lady. Its an acceptance of the other, whatever he or she is.”

   Thanks for the time reading my article and i hope i inspired someone out there to share to someone.

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