Friday, July 17, 2015

Prestigio Mobile now in philippines

    Mention Europe and images of iconic fashion houses, art pieces, design structures, cars, and other top lifestyle brands will come to mind. In recent years, prominent European companies have been setting shop in the Philippines, eyeing the country’s dynamic and growing consumer market.

    Now, the Filipino mobile market will soon experience European quality and luxury as Prestigio, a leading European manufacturer of affordable luxury mobile devices, consumer electronics, and accessories, makes its way to the booming smartphone industry. Known for providing high-quality products with cutting-edge technology at prices within reach, Prestigiohas announced its official entry in the Philippines with the launch of a range of smartphone models.

    “Prestigio is taking the first step to enter this fast-growing and competitive smartphone market. The Philippines is our very first official distributor in Asia, demonstrating our confidence that we will be able to extend our global reach into the Filipinomobile market.After seeingPrestigio gain strong traction in several markets as a credible alternative to established brands at extremely competitive prices,we now look forward to replicating this success in the Philippines,” said Mr. Sergey Bezruchenok, Product Development Manager of Prestigio Global.

The international brand has massively gained popularity in Europe, the Middle East, as well as several regions of Africa – currently represented in 32 offices and sold in 70 countries. After successfully leaving footprints in the international arena, Prestigio hopes to make an impressive mark in the Philippine smartphone market with the introduction of its Multiphone smartphone line: the 3 SeriesMultiphone 3450 Duo and 3502 Duo, the 5 Series Multiphone 5454 Duo, 5550 Duo, and 5508 Duo, and its Windows Phone 8.1 Multiphone 8500 Duo.

    “We at Prestigio are all very excited about our products entering one of the most dynamic, aggressive and competitive smartphone markets in Asia, if not the world,” JojitAlcazar, Prestigio Managing Director said. “In bringing this new range of smartphones to the Philippines, we hope to let Filipinos experience refinement, and a taste of unparalleled European design, aesthetics, technology and performance. As we usher in the Multiphoneseries to the local market, we seek to deliver the optimum mix of the highest quality and advanced technological features with competitive pricing.

    Alcazar said the PrestigioMultiphone series is perfectly targeted at the growing number of cost-conscious but intelligent smartphone buyers in the Philippines, who want a phone that can keep up with various kinds of lifestyles. “We understand the unique and different needs and behaviorof Filipino mobile consumers, which is why Prestigiohas come up with a range of options that will fit their lifestyle and budget,” Alcazar added.

    Leading the PrestigioMultiphone series is the exciting new phablet, the 5550 Duo. A 5.5-inch display is more than just a trend in modern smartphone development:it’s an absolute advantage that allows users to enjoy the ultimate opportunities of mobile Internet. Watching video streams in HD quality, and playing online games are simple tasks for the powerful processor of the Multiphone 5550 DUO.The quality of image and video playback on a large 5.5’’ high-end IPS display is just amazing, and comes with the advanced Gorilla Glass 3 protection. What’s more, for a big phone, it sports a very slim and sleek bodywith clean lines and soft-touch finishingto ensure superior look and feel.

    Extremely powerful,the Multiphone5508 Duo delivers performance which is miles ahead of the competition with its best-in-class Octa Core processor.Offering outstanding energy efficiency,one canenjoy long hours of business and personal usage with unlimited multitasking, superior imaging, complemented by the latest Android 4.4 KitKat, crystal  clear content delivery on an IPS screen with DragonTrail Glass protection. What’s more, the 5508 Duo is built with a light body, minimalistic design and metal finishing that conveysa premium look. It also comes witha back case – a stylish accessory to complement your gadget.

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