Saturday, June 22, 2024

BPI redefines paydays with the launch of Salary-On-Demand.

  BPI proudly presents a groundbreaking innovation with the unveiling of BPI Salary On-Demand, reshaping traditional notions of payday accessibility. Launched in July 2023, this service has since been adopted by several companies, whose employees are currently enjoying this valuable perk. In a bold move towards financial liberation, employees no longer need to rely on their scheduled payday to access their hard-earned income whenever the need arises.

"BPI Salary On-Demand heralds a new era where every day becomes an opportunity for both employers and employees to exercise greater control over their financial well-being, transforming the landscape of personal finance. This easy, fast, and affordable product allows BPI Salary On-Demand users to experience ANY DAY IS A PAYDAY." - Jose Raul E. Jereza, BPI’s Head of Agency Banking.

  With BPI Salary On-Demand's simplified process, this guarantees a smooth transition and easy onboarding that puts the employers’ and employees' ease and efficiency first. The solution works together with the current payroll system sustaining efficient processes. Moreover, there is no extra financial constraints on employers when using BPI Salary On-Demand because there are no hidden fees.

  Any day is a payday with BPI Salary On-Demand, now employees will have the flexibility to tap into their earnings as needed. During unexpected expenses, BPI Salary On-Demand gives employees access to a portion of their earned salary ahead of time, offering them instant financial help. All they need to do is to download the PayWage app, register, and in less than 5 minutes the funds will be placed into the employee’s BPI payroll account.

  BPI Salary On-Demand is exclusive to companies who are BPI Payroll Clients. You may inquire with your Human Resource Department if your company have signed up for this facility. If your company is interested, they may connect with their branch of account or their corporate Relationship Manager for further assistance.

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