Thursday, October 19, 2023

Which Off-Road bike is best for you.

  Honda motorcycles are undoubtedly experts in Motocross racing having been part of the Off-Road circuit sport for more than​​ 50 years. In fact, Team Honda recently won the 2023 AMA Supercross championship, making the company’s iconic bikes one of the best in the world.

  To commemorate this, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) is offering competition bikes. These are The All-New CRF150R, The All-New CRF250R, and The All-New CRF450R designed for Motocross riders.

  On the other hand, The All-New CRF125F, and The New CRF250RX are meant for trail riders.

  What’s more, these motorcycles are designed and engineered to offer outstanding performance to Filipino Off-Road enthusiasts of every skill level. This means whether you’re a novice or an expert rider, there’s a CRF motorcycle that’s ideal for you. But what exactly sets each model apart from each other?

Motocross Bikes that keep you ahead of the pack

  For first time motocross riders, the company introduces the All-New CRF150R. The All-New CRF150R is equipped with a 150cc Liquid-Cooled, 4-Valve, 4-Stroke, Unicam Single engine capable of delivering outstanding yet controlled power, making the bike perfect for first-time Motocross riders. Likewise, the bike’s 19-inch Front and 16-inch rear Off-Road wheels and tires, and 37mm Upside Down front suspension by Showa works in harmony with its 220mm Front, and 190mm Rear Disc Brakes to give riders maximum control. And when you pair all these elements with its 336mm ground clearance and 866mm seat height you have the perfect Motocross bike for Filipinos who are just getting into the sport.

  For more experienced riders or those who want to get into legitimate Motocross competition, The All-New CRF250R is what you need. This bike, with its 249cc Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke, Single DOHC engine, is designed to take on more challenging Motocross circuits. It’s also equipped with exclusive HRC launch control to help assist riders from a standing start to achieve the right hole shot. This allows the rider to open the throttle fully and release the clutch while engine management keeps the RPM at an ideal range for optimum acceleration.

  Moreover, The All-New CRF250R also features an Engine Mode Select button that lets you choose what ride mode suits you best, giving you a competitive edge come race day. Meanwhile, its 49mm Upside Down Showa Front Forks and Showa Pro-Link Rear Suspension enables the bike to soak up any bumps and dips with ease.

  This bike also utilizes a strong yet lightweight chassis in combination with 260mm Front and 240mm Rear Hydraulic Wave Disc brakes. These engineered elements deliver maximum control even when tackling demanding Motocross circuits.

  Now if you’re an even more experienced rider who wants to take their Motocross racing abilities to the next level, The All-New CRF450R is just for you. This bike is engineered with Honda’s Motocross heritage in mind, and is powered by a 450cc Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, SOHC engine. This engine is designed to work harmoniously with the bike’s new Showa 49mm Inverted Telescopic front, and Showa Adjustable Pro-Link rear suspension. When combined with its 2-piston caliper front and 1-piston caliper rear disc brakes, and HRC Launch Control, you get a Motocross bike that will truly let you dominate the competition.

Trail Bikes for total Off-Road adventures

  HPI also acknowledges that there are a growing number of Filipino riders who are more into trail riding. For these individuals, HPI offers The All-New CRF125F and The New CRF250RX.

  The All-New CRF125F is the bike you need if you’re looking to jump-start your passion for trail riding. This bike features all the design elements you expect from a legitimate Off-Road enduro bike including a longer, more comfortable seat, prominent mud guards, and 19-inch Front and 16-inch Rear Off-Road ready wheels and tires. However, the unit comes with a 785mm Seat Height and 260mm Ground Clearance making it ideal for beginners particularly younger riders. The bike also gets a 125cc Air-Cooled, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, SOHC, 2-Valve engine and 31mm Telescopic Front, and Pro-Link Rear Suspension.

  These features give you exceptional performance and riding comfort to take on any Off-Road trail with confidence.

  For more experienced trail riding enthusiasts, HPI offers The New CRF250RX. This bike is packed with the same awesome features as its motocross-specific sibling,

​​ The All-New CRF250R. These include HRC Launch Control, the 249cc Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, DOHC engine, 49mm Upside Down Showa Front Forks and Showa Pro-Link Rear Suspension, and the front and rear Hydraulic Wave Disc brakes. These factors ensure you get the same outstanding performance and handling control with the enduro-style bike as on its Motocross variant.

  The New CRF250RX gets an 8-liter fuel tank. This gives The New CRF250RX the ability to go for longer distances in between refueling - a must for enduro riding. It is also equipped with 21-inch Front and 18-inch Rear off-road tires for maximum grip when riding through your favorite Off-Road trail.


CRF150R - PHP 306,000
CRF250R - PHP 459,000
CRF450R - PHP 500,000
CRF125F - PHP 189,000
CRF250RX - PHP 469,000

  With the CRF competition bikes, experiencing an Off-Road adventure with the right motorcycle is now a reality. The CRF series promises to have a bike that’s suited to what each rider need.

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