Thursday, August 3, 2023

Taiwan Excellence Products #DasurvNatinDito must have.

  When we visit first world countries such as Taiwan, you discover good finds or products that you would wish to be available here in the Philippines too -- products that we can really say as #DasurvNatinDito.

  But only few people know that, with the global ecosystem now, those amazing brands and products, would actually love to be brought here in the Philippines, for Pinoys to also experience the same premium quality that is worth the buck, and will surely last. Of course, you got to check if it is recognized as Taiwan Excellence standard!

  Here are some Taiwan Excellence products that are created out of witty innovation, forward-thinking, strict quality standard, and some simple logic, that fellow Pinoys will definitely say #DasurvNatinDito:

  The Maktar Qubii Duo backs up your phone files while you recharge! A tiny cube-like device provides ultra-fast charging, and functions as an advanced automatic back-up for Apple or Android devices. It can store photos, 4K videos, contacts, music, and other files securely offline with smart automatic backup, an extensive storage space up to a whopping 2TB! It has two-factor authentication security for your peace of mind. Just plug your device, download the free Qubii app, and you’re good to go. #DasurvNatinDito, right?

  For the health-conscious Pinoys who are regularly monitoring their health, the Oserio Wireless Body Composition and Cardio Scale is the product which is #DasurvNatinDito. It analyzes body composition and heart rate in a jiffy and in the most convenient manner. For the gym buffs, it can also evaluate training effectiveness. Best is that you don’t have to keep a journal of your results because the Oserio, which is a wireless heart rate monitor and body fat meter, can automatically sync them with your smartphone using the free O’care app that’s available for both iOs and Android devices.

  A high-speed USB Flash Drive that is water proof, works as a bottle opener, ruler, keychain, and carton tape cutter! TeamGroup T183 USB Flash Drive is made of a special coating to make it rust- and corrosion-proof to avoid data corruption and data loss. It works hard with you, and definitely plays hard too! #DasurvNatinDito

  For those with various muscle aches and pains after a workout or a long day at work, or those nursing a fever, taking care of these is now made simpler and more effective with the Aurai Shield Hot and Cold Patch device. It offers four temperature modes – Cold, Cool, Warm, and Hot, with intelligent and safe constant temperature control to get a soothing and calming effect.

  It is a wearable device that comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, so you can bring it wherever, whenever. It’s so cool and warmly thought of product, that #DasurvNatinDito!

 Make everything twice as easy with the Transcend Six-in-One USB Type C HUB5C, a USB hub with a reversible USB Type-C connector that comes with a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface for outstanding data transfer rates for any Type-C device. Its functions further simplified, with its slim and lightweight form that allows you to also connect with other peripheral such as mice, keyboards, external hard drives, even SD or microSD cards for faster reading of files directly from a laptop and other digital devices. Transferring data simultaneously? #DasurvNatinDito yan!

  These five products are just some of the world class Taiwan products which deserved the recognition of Taiwan Excellence, which will surely be loved by Filipinos when brought here in the Philippines. If you are interested to buy or resell these products, simply register at (

  For more information about the Taiwan Excellence and its programs and activities here in PH, simply follow and

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