Friday, June 2, 2023

Sharp launches its Latest AQUOS XLED 4K TV in the Middle East, Asia and Africa Region.

  Sharp Corporation officially announced the entry of its latest AQUOS XLED 4K TV to the Asia, Middle East, and Africa Region. The market includes Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Middle East, and Africa.

  This is an upgrade of its earlier introduced AQUOS XLED in Japan in 2021, the technology that combines the best part of LCD and OLED TVs. The latest model is set to define a new generation flagship TV with artistic design, as well as excellent innovations, bringing users a “True to Life” viewing experience reaching new heights. With its revolutionary technologies, the AQUOS XLED 4K TV has proven to be the best TV Sharp has produced in the 4K TV segment over the years as it delivers exceptional picture and audio quality.

"The global television market has developed remarkably over recent decades, notably with the introduction of new and advanced TV technologies. As a result of these innovations, Sharp aims to contribute to the market growth by constantly evolving its technology and focusing on innovating premium and large TVs moving forward.” - 
Hirofumi Okamoto, BU President of Sharp Corporation’s TV Systems Business Unit 

True Brightness

  The SHARP AQUOS XLED 4K TV features Xtreme mini-LED technology, presenting the highest dimming zone in its class for true brightness. With over 2,000 backlight dimming zones, it offers unrivalled dynamic colour contrast that sets it apart from other brands in the market. Moreover, the dramatically increased 88x backlight LEDs bring 6x the peak brightness compared to conventional displays, creating a dazzling display.

True Colour

  Designed with Deep Chroma Quantum Dot technology, the SHARP AQUOS XLED 4K TV displays the highest colour coverage in the history of the AQUOS TVs, with over 20% more colour gamut coverage area compared to conventional displays. This allows the 2023 AQUOS XLED 4K TV to deliver realistic object colours and a true-to-life visual experience.

Immersive Sound

  To deliver an immersive audio experience, the SHARP AQUOS XLED 4K TV comes with an ARSS+ surround speaker system equipped with 11 speakers surrounding the screen. This feature is enabled by the combination of speakers excelling in high, mid, and low-frequency ranges.

Powered by Google TV

  In addition to elevating the visual and audio experience, the SHARP AQUOS XLED 4K TV is seamlessly integrated with Google TV. With Google TV, users can say goodbye to the hassle of switching between multiple apps, effortlessly explore a vast library of over 400,000 movies, TV episodes, and live TV channels, conveniently organized according to user’s preferred genres and interests.

The Latest Dolby Technology

  Nowadays the contents to be delivered diversified with better visual and sound quality. Dolby Vision IQ™ intelligently optimizes your TV for a perfect picture in your room at every moment. And Dolby Atmos® immerses you in your favorite entertainment with sound that moves all around you with breathtaking realism.

  Sharp’s first TV debuted in 1953 and the company is celebrating its 111th anniversary worldwide. The AQUOS TV brand has been Sharp's flagship product for more than 20 consecutive years, known for its exceptional brightness and color contrast performance.

  Having won the 2023 IF Design Award, the new AQUOS XLED TV aims to strengthen the AQUOS brand’s aims to strengthen its brand presence.

Pricing and Availability

  • 4T-C65FV1X (65-inch)
  • 4T-C75FV1X (75-inch)
  The SHARP AQUOS XLED 4K TV Launch in the Philippines will be held in June 2023. Prices will also be announced soon. Consumers can visit Sharp’s participating dealers online and in-store to experience the TV first-hand and purchase the product.

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