Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Honda launches All-New Rebel1100: New Modern Street Bobber Style Bike.

  As far as motorcycle forms go, few are as admired as the bobber style. With its minimalist yet muscular lines and distinctive riding position will give any big bike enthusiast a sense of authority when tackling the road. To give Filipino riders the chance to experience this classic bike, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) recently introduced The All-New Rebel1100. This big bike model features an eye-catching modern bobber design, a classic single-round LED headlight, and hunched fuel tank. Not only does this design evoke vintage-inspired styling, but it also gives the rider a relaxed riding posture. This allows the rider to experience a comfortable – and sophisticated – riding experience that’s perfect for both long and short-distance travels. And since it is comes at a suggested retail price of PHP 650,000, owning this stylish and high performing big bike is within easy reach.

  Since this big bike is all about enjoying the joy of mobility in style, its front fork, exhaust and shock absorber come in two-color choices that evoke style and taste, namely Gunmetal Black Metallic and Iridium Gray Metallic for an imposing presence on the road.

  Another feature of this Big Bike is its smooth riding suspension settings. The big bike’s front fork is set to a lying angle for cruiser-like styling which, contributes to a smooth ride. What’s more, it is equipped with preload adjusters that you can set according to your preference. It makes suited for everything enjoying a leisurely drive to some quiet out-of-town getaway to weaving through daily traffic when commuting to and from your work.

  The All-New Rebel1100’s styling is vintage-inspired, its performance specifications are definitely avant-garde. Specifically, this bike is powered by a 1,083cc, Parallel-Twin Cylinder, Liquid-Cooled, Single-Overhead Cam (SOHC) engine capable of producing 64kW of power @7,000rpm, and 98Nm of torque @ 4,750rpm. When combined with the bike’s 6-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) – Honda’s exclusive automatic-style shifting clutch – you get a bike that provides the rider with exceptional riding confidence and performance control.

  It also comes with Cruise Control, and advanced Selectable Riding Mode. The Cruise Control feature allows the rider to maintain a steady speed within a specified range. This greatly helps reduce fatigue when traveling long distances making sure the rider arrives comfortable after a long road trip. Meanwhile, the Selectable Riding Mode enables the rider to choose from four performance modes: Standard,Sport, Rain, and User, each of which offers different levels of power feel, torque control, engine brake, and shift schedule. Standard mode is ideal for everyday riding in optimal conditions. Perfect for cruising around the city. Sport mode gives you a more aggressive throttle response. Great for winding road conditions and performance-oriented riding. Rain mode provides maximum safety control in wet conditions. Certainly, a consideration during our notorious rainy season. User mode lets the rider customize the engine characteristics for his or her specific needs.

  Finally, This Big Bike offers all of its advanced performance potentials while maintaining a safe ride. This is achieved via the bike’s front and rear disc brakes with 2-Channel ABS and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with Wheelie Control. The bike’s braking system ensures you’re able to stop immediately without giving up control. The exclusive HSTC system with Wheelie Control is engineered to maintain proper grip when driving over slippery roads increasing the rider’s sense of security. The big bike also has a USB Socket Type C under the seat for charging your phone and other gadgets. And all of these systems can be monitored efficiently on the bike’s high-tech inverted LCD meter display.

  With all these advanced features and eye-catching modern bobber design, The All-New Rebel1100 is the perfect choice for Filipino riders looking to up their game in both style and performance.

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