Wednesday, March 15, 2023

MetaverseGo introduces Wen Lambo Campaign.

  MetaverseGo launched its latest campaign, the Wen Lambo. This campaign offers users an engaging gaming experience, as well as a unique opportunity to win real-world prizes, all while learning about the benefits and applications of web3 technology.

  As part of the Wen Lambo campaign, users can access a variety of games and game boosters through the purchase of Game Passes. As users play games and earn gold, they will have the opportunity to spin a wheel and win a range of prizes, including the chance to win an NMAX scooter and other exciting prizes. This campaign offers a world of opportunities for both existing and new users, and participants can win exciting prizes and referral incentives by simply signing up for an account, playing games, earning Gold, and spinning the wheel.

  MetaverseGo is committed to bringing the web2 community into the web3 space and creating a vibrant community of users. MetaverseGo is a turnkey solution for web3 that allows users to access web3 content easily – all it takes is a mobile number. The company has already established partnerships with industry leaders such as Globe Telecom and SM, and the Wen Lambo campaign is yet another exciting campaign from MetaverseGo.

  The Wen Lambo campaign is just the latest in a series of exciting initiatives from the web3 startup, MetaverseGo. The company, which raised $4.2M in 2022, is positioning itself as one of the major players in web3 technology. Its platform provides a fast and easy log-in process with just a mobile number and offers a gaming platform, wallet, MetaverseGo credits for earning, storing, and spending, and an NFT Launchpad and Marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions.

  MetaverseGo's Wen Lambo campaign is sure to continue to generate excitement and engagement in the web3 world. With its unique opportunities and benefits, this campaign is a great way for users to experience the benefits of web3 technology in a fun and engaging way.

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