Saturday, February 18, 2023

YGG Pilipinas Onboards More Crypto-curious Pinoys to Web3 Metaversity.

  Citizens across the globe, especially Filipinos, remain optimistic about the metaverse’s potential as revealed in a recently published Coin Kickoff study. In an effort to open up more opportunities for crypto users, Filipino-led Yield Guild Games (YGG), in partnership with Nas Company, strengthens the educational program Web3 Metaversity.

  Hosted in Nas Company’s community learning portal, Web3 Metaversity aims to equip crypto users and enthusiasts with the necessary tools to thrive in Web3.

“YGG has been at the forefront of educating Filipinos about the realms of Web3. While it is no surprise that their interest remains, we welcome their sustained enthusiasm and trust in our expertise especially now that the space presents more creative and earning opportunities,” - Luis Buenaventura, 
YGG Pilipinas Country Manager.

  Since its launch, the program has onboarded over 800 learners worldwide who have honed talents and skills as well as expanded their network through regular community meet-ups and huddles.

  The Web3 Metaversity provides training to familiarize members with the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, blockchain, crypto trading, and even the art of storytelling, among others. These courses allow them to pursue specific tracks in Web3 such as being an NFT artist, content creator, and blockchain gamer.

“facilitating the growth of our members is such an inspiring experience as I witness how limitless both their talents and opportunities which they can create themselves.” - Buenaventura added.

  Aside from the educational resources on the portal, YGG holds weekly open discussions in the Web3 Metaversity’s Discord server, which has become a safe space that encourages the crypto-curious to upskill together and easily connect. “We’re thrilled to support like-minded individuals, especially those who have just begun their Web3 journey to uncover what the space has to offer,” shared Armand Galiposo, better known as Tito A, a YGG Community Manager.

  YGG Scholarship and Community Managers alongside guest speakers attend the said community huddles. Each session is carefully planned to tackle recent news and industry updates to keep the learners well-informed.

  As new platforms continue to emerge, YGG and Nas Company explore new courses that they can offer to the curious public and further expand the impact of Web3 Metaversity.

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