Thursday, November 24, 2022

Epson defines its corporate purpose.

  Seiko Epson Corporation has defined the Corporate Purpose of the Epson Group (“Epson”).

  The Corporate Purpose statement articulates the type of value Epson offers the world, the company’s unique reason for being, and its aspirations.

  The efficient, compact, and precise innovation that Epson has pursued goes beyond technology. It encompasses a philosophy for eliminating waste, reducing dimensions, and increasing precision, an approach that can create even greater social value.

  The corporate purpose cannot be realized by Epson employees alone. Our customers, partners, and society must empathize with and share our purpose. Epson seeks to contribute to environmental conservation and cultural development and to enrich lives and create a better world.

“We at Epson marked our 80th year in business in May of this year. We have always exercised creativity and challenged ourselves to deliver products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers by drawing on the efficient, compact, and precise technologies we have developed since the company was founded. We will continue to adhere to Epson’s unique philosophy of efficient, compact, and precise innovation, take advantage of the tremendous value that those innovations yield to overcome global environmental problems and other societal issues, and work together to create a better planet and enrich people’s lives.” - 
Yasunori Ogawa, Epson Global president.

  Epson intends to continue to collaborate with its customers and partners to solve societal issues and to enrich lives and create a better world.

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