Thursday, April 14, 2022

SkyForge open Pre-registration. Also announce USD 20,000 Cosplay Contest.


  PlayPark Inc. announce it's newest action MMORPG game, Skyforge. This game is indeed coming to SEA countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Players can look forward to going god mode in Skyforge during the Closed Beta Test this April.

  To celebrate the coming of Skyforge, PlayPark has kicked off the biggest cosplay competition in he region. Dubbed as “Cosplay SEAGods”, the event has the biggest prize pool of any gaming cosplay competition at USD 20,000 with different categories. You can join the TikTok transformation category if you have a knack for putting together eye-popping short videos to complement your cosplay. Interested parties can sign up here. And of course, the #SEAGODS Battle category pulls out all the stops! This is where you’ll see literal gods and goddesses walking the land! If you think you have what it takes to be the ultimate cosplay god or goddess, sign up here.

  A pantheon of well-known cosplayers from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia have assembled to be judges for this competition, so this is your chance to be seen! 

  More details of the competition may be found on the official Skyforge website.

  Additionally, PlayPark Inc. has several events lined up, including an on-going pre-registration campaign. Pioneer Packs that contain essential loot for helping you attain godhood faster will be up for grabs to pre-registered players and will be available at launch.

  There is also a Skyforge referral program that will net you even more loot and important items the more friends you help out. To pre-register, simply go to the Skyforge Pre-registration Page. Details on the referral program are also there. 

  A product of the recent partnership between European publisher MY.GAMES and Asiasoft to bring western games to Southeast Asia, Skyforge features a twist to traditional MMO character progression: instead of just being a hero, characters can go beyond and ascend to godhood.

  Skyforge blends elements of more dynamic gameplay with traditional MMO mechanics, allowing layers complete freedom to explore the stunning world of Aelion.

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