Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Enriching the lives of the filipino MSMEs through technology.

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  The Covid-19 pandemic was declared in the Philippines back in March 2020 and it brought fear to many, whatever age or economic status. Many people were not allowed to go out and this affected many sectors: education, transportation, and business, to name a few.

  In business, it was the MSMEs who were among those that were most affected. Except for those who sold essential goods, many were asked to close down so that the disease won’t spread. It was difficult but they had no choice.

  But there were those who adapted. Many went digital and relied on the internet and social media to continue their business. Many sold food items, pika-pika, home décor, clothes, house plants, car accessories, even the carinderia (small food stalls) went online. It was an advantage for both seller and buyers who are cooped inside their homes because of the lockdowns and community quarantines.

  Thanks that the pinoy MSMEs became “madiskarte” to sustain their business through the power of technology as they ventured in the “next normal” called e-commerce. It’s a blessing in disguise as the pandemic opened MSMEs’ eyes, even those who were not tech-savvy, that they can survive and recover by going “digital” in their business, no matter how small it may be.

  The “digitalization” journey of MSMEs was not really rosy at the start but eventually they got the hang of it. Many asked friends, other business owner, or learned through online tutorials and webinars about what to know and how to succeed in the online business.

 Many MSMEs still do need enough support such as training, coming up with business concepts and ideas, and how to use digital technology to make their business prosper, even enhance their knowledge of expanding their business to other countries, all online, of course.

  If only fast, reliable and more affordable internet connectivity was offered to MSMEs so they can do their business more efficiently and worry-free that they won’t miss any order, provide customers with a satisfied e-commerce experience and result to more repeat orders. Perhaps more will be lured to go into business.

  In all of these, legislation can help. With enough laws, more Filipinos will go into the online business knowing they have enough support to thrive in their chosen business. 

  They can even probably explore going fully digital without the need for any physical store to save on operating costs, where all transactions are done absolutely online.

  All these can be possible in the future, all with the help of a “CLICK.” When business is done right, the lives of many MSMEs can be further enriched so that others may be enticed to become entrepreneurs, whether there’s a pandemic or not. With the power of technology, all it would take is just one “CLICK.”

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