Sunday, September 5, 2021

Globe let you customize your own promo with GoCREATE.

Globe Gizmo Manila

  To say customization is a trend is an understatement. From shampoo formulas to vitamins in personalized packets -- these days, almost anything can be made to your liking. It can be said it has become increasingly important because it puts the needs of consumers first. 

  This is why Globe is launching GoCREATE which allows Globe Prepaid to create and customise their own promos according to their needs, letting them take control of how much data they want to use, how long they want it for, and what content to use it on. 

“Value and flexibility are two very important things people look for when it comes to their prepaid needs, and with GoCREATE, we want our users to be in control,” - Eric Tanbauco, Globe Prepaid Brand Head.

  The customization options, all done through the new GlobeOne app, gives you a range of choices that provide you flexibility and convenience. You can choose how long you want to enjoy your own promo which can last from 3 to 15 days or how much data you want to use which can go up to 20GB for all sites and apps. Apart from data for all sites, you can also add content-specific GBs to your GoCREATE promo like GoWATCH for video streaming, GoPLAY for online games, and GoSHARE social media. You can also decide to add calls to all networks so you can stay connected with your family and friends. A great bonus is all promos in GoCREATE come with texts to all networks.

  Always at the forefront of innovation, Globe Prepaid’s new GoCREATE aims to deliver great value to customers by offering flexibility and convenience all through one application - GlobeOne. “GoCREATE is the perfect way to get the best value out of your prepaid promo, so you can have more of what matters to you,” explains Tanbauco.

“Our aim is to make it as easy and convenient as possible while providing more of what different people need. Now, it’s possible with Globe Prepaid’s GoCREATE.”

  Exclusively available through the new GlobeOne app, users can manage their accounts, from keeping track of data usage, to paying bills and subscribing to promotions all from one centralized application.

  Download GlobeOne from Google Play or App Store and GoCREATE your own promo today.

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