Monday, July 19, 2021

Lenovo recognize as top monitors brand in the Philippines.

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  Lenovo has been recognized by intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) as the top monitors brand in the Philippines for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-2021.

  According to the IDC, a shortage of components and rising shipping costs play a part in shipment growth in the last year as some vendors opt to stock up to have a more lasting supply. It also expects changes in work setups and increased popularity in gaming to fuel the demand in consumer markets.

  Focusing on encouraging improved productivity for its consumers, Lenovo made the most out of new realities by designing with purpose. It has created technology that complements and assists its users by paying attention to people’s specific needs, whether it be for work, learning, leisure, or a hybrid of those lifestyles.

  Lenovo launched multiple products, including new monitors, in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) last June. These new products took into account the probability of increased screen exposure and added low blue light technology to prevent eye strain and adjustable stands for comfortability.

  In addition to ergonomic designs, all Lenovo monitors come with 3-year warranty and expanded the support for Thinkvision monitors with premier support service, a top tier onsite service coverage for customers using these devices in a work from home environment or business site locations.

  There has been a shift in demand from HD screen size monitors to FHD and QHD displays, which made Thinkvision S22e (21.5"), S24E (23.8"), L22e (21.5"), and Q27q-10 (27") sought-after displays for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and consumer market.

  With the advent of gaming, devices with 144hz to 240hz frame rates have become increasingly popular. Because of this, Lenovo has expanded its portfolio with G Series and Legion Y series monitors spanning from 24.5" to 44" displays in order to provide a visually enriching gaming experience for its users.

  Aside from its user-centric products, Lenovo also offers solutions and customer support services that enhances user experience and quickly addresses any issues consumers may encounter such as its ThinkShield security solution and Premium Care service, respectively. 

  ThinkShield secures user privacy in both the home and office setting while the Premium Care service offers elevated support via phone, chat, or email and provides real-time solutions upon first contact.

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