Monday, June 7, 2021

EastWest’s Komo launches customizable life insurance with Troo in the Philippines.

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  EastWest is set to launch the first ever customizable app-based, on-demand life insurance in the Philippines, called Troo Flex, will be exclusively available through Komo, the group’s fully digital banking service, offered through EastWest Rural Bank.

  When it comes to the decision of getting a life insurance policy, people generally know what they should do, they just don’t know how to do it. Have you ever caught yourself saying ‘It’s all so confusing! There are so many plans at so many different prices and so many different types of coverage from many different companies.’ Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

  Komo, which also means ‘Kontrol mo, Pera mo,’ brings a new meaning to taking control of your money as they created an insurance product that’s accessible, affordable, and fully customizable while making sure it’s easy to use!

  Komo’s Troo Flex is about making insurance more accessible and adaptable to our customers’ needs. What makes it different from the current insurance products that we see in the market is the add-to-cart feel of product customization: users can select the insurance coverage (from 100k, 300k, to 500k), tick the riders or benefits that best fit their needs (critical illness, accidental death benefit, accidental disablement benefit), and pay for the annual premium through their Komo account for as low as PHP 300 to PHP 1,973 yearly.

  This was made possible as the team worked closely with Troo ( to create Komo’s insurance product or Troo Flex. Ageas and EastWest shared this vision and joined together to create Troo – an offering of two partners that share a single, focused vision: the determination to help Filipinos create a plan for tomorrow so they can live their best life today.

  Komo’s newest product will becomes available to the public in June 2021 and will be available for download to iOS, android and, Huawei App Gallery.

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