Saturday, May 29, 2021

Huawei PH donated Huawei Band 6 to St. Luke's Medical Center frontliners.

Huawei Gizmo Manila

  Huawei Philippines sympathizes with the Filipino medical workforce who brave the frontlines daily in battling the current global health challenge. In order to help the modern-day heroes manage their own wellness, Huawei Philippines donated its latest fitness watch Huawei Band 6 to the staff of St. Luke’s Medical Center.

  The country’s present-day health situation has pushed medical frontliners to clock in absurd hours of work just to make sure every Filipino patient gets the best care and the fighting chance to live a healthy life. While the health crisis rages on, these heroes are plagued incessantly by long hours of work, multiple patient attendance, and intense stress levels -- putting on the line their own wellbeing.

  Huawei Philippines donated a total of fifty Band 6 units to St. Luke’s Medical Center. Huawei is looking at doing more donation campaigns for different hospitals in the country.

  HUAWEI Band 6 is a long-lasting fitness tracker with a full-screen. It has an all-day SpO2 monitoring system, which alerts people of harmful situations like fatigue or quickened pulse rates. It's also waterproof build and can stand scenarios that need intense sanitation like handwashing.

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