Tuesday, April 13, 2021

OnePlus 9 Series incorporates with Pixelworks X5 Pro visual processor.

OnePlus 9 Digital Walker

  Pixelworks, Inc. and OnePlus announced that the recently launched OnePlus 9 Pro flagship smartphone incorporates the Pixelworks X5 Pro visual processor with its unique, industry leading MotionEngine® technology, optimized for variable high refresh rate displays. Additionally, all of the new flagship series phones, including the OnePlus 9, incorporate Pixelworks' patented and industry-leading color calibration with Flesh Tone Protection and Color Shift Correction, as well as ambient light- and tone-adaptive display innovations, including dynamic, ultra-smooth screen brightness control.

  Enhanced by the Pixelworks X5 Pro processor, the new flagship OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone integrates with this features:

  • Cutting edge 6.7" Fluid LTPO AMOLED display with WQHD+ resolution
  • 120 Hz refresh rates
  • Hasselblad-branded 48 MP Quad Rear Camera
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 mobile platform 

"Our OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone is aimed at delivering the ultimate smartphone visual experience through a combination of the industry's most advanced display, powered by Pixelworks technology, and camera, built upon the renowned reputation of the Hasselblad brand," - Pete Lau, Founder and CEO of OnePlus.

 "I believe the OnePlus 9 series delivers the industry's most compelling camera performance to-date, which will not be lost on consumers as they re-live their moments on our latest, breathtaking 6.7" Fluid AMOLED display. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of smartphone visual quality in our strategic partnership with Pixelworks, much to the delight of our growing customer base worldwide." - Lau added.

"With the new OnePlus 9 series, OnePlus continues to be a pace-setter in delivering unrivaled display performance with our most advanced high frame visual processing technology in the premium tier," - Todd DeBonis, President and CEO of Pixelworks.

 "Our collaboration with OnePlus involves comprehensive optimization across all key aspects of end-to-end display performance. Last year, on the strength of that effort and the quality of its first 120 Hz Fluid Display, OnePlus became widely recognized as one of the industry's few, true flagship brands. With the investment that OnePlus has made on both sides of the smartphone visual experience – the camera and display – the OnePlus 9 Pro is well positioned to be crowned the top flagship phone of 2021." - DeBonis added.

  The following Pixelworks features are incorporated in all OnePlus 9 series smartphones, with the exception of MotionEngine® Technology, which is only available in the OnePlus 9 Pro:

  • Dual MotionEngine® Technology
  • Adaptive Display
  • Absolute Color Accuracy
  • True Flesh Tones 
  • Smooth Brightness Control
  • Color Shift Correction

  With over two decades of visual and image processing expertise and as a Hollywood award-winning industry leader in motion processing, Pixelworks has advanced its patented Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology for smartphones with multiple levels of content-specific optimization that produces superior visual quality across a wide range of content, video formats, frame rates and multimedia apps. The Dual MotionEngine® technology in the OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone—originally featured in the OnePlus 8 Pro—is mobile-optimized to preserve natural, intended motion appearance for high refresh rate displays, while reducing power consumption by up to 50% as compared to the Company's previous generation motion processing solution.

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