Monday, April 5, 2021

NTT offers Cyber Threat Sensor to clients in wake of SolarWinds attacks.


  In response to these supply chain attacks, NTT will provide companies that believe themselves to be at risk of compromise with their 30-day trial of Specialized Sensor for SolarWinds Detection and Alerting across all platforms other than Azure, at no charge.

This offering includes:

  Deployment of a specialized sensor in AWS and Google Cloud Platform environments for the detection of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) specific to the SolarWinds breach.

  Near real time notification to a client’s security organization in the event a compromise is detected.

  An actionable incident report delivered automatically, immediately upon detection of IOCs linked to the SolarWinds compromise.

  Organizations can then engage with NTT for a more in-depth review, analysis, recommendations, and remediation including a rapid incident compromise assessment. NTT can also provide ongoing managed security services such as Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) and develop a Strategy for Supply Chain Security Assurance, to help clients monitor their technology assets and reduce risk from future threats.

“Threat actors have exploited disruption during the COVID-19 crisis to launch an accelerated wave of cyberattacks around the world. The SolarWinds incidents were orchestrated by sophisticated operators and exploit the broad distribution of commonly-used software packages. NTT has now moved to proactively offer clients a way to identify potential problems in their technology infrastructure and take the steps needed to close those gaps.” - Matt Gyde, President and CEO, Security Division at NTT Ltd.,

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