Friday, April 30, 2021

Things you need to know about DITO Telecommunity.

DITO Telecommunity Load Gizmo Manila

  After it’s successful launch of DITO Telecommunity in key areas in Visayas and Mindanao in March. Users have been raving about the speed and reliability of the country’s newest telco player.

  Last April 16, DITO announced its availability in 21 more cities, including certain areas in Luzon that heightened every Filipino’s anticipation to experience the difference that DITO can offer. Currently, subscribers can try DITO's 25GB High-Speed Data for PHP 199 valid for 30-days.

DITO 25GB Data Details:
25GB High Speed Internet (No speed limit)
Unlimited DITO-to-DITO calls and texts
Unlimited texts to other network
300 mins calls to other networks
Price: PHP 199 / 30 days (Opening Promo)

[         How to LOAD your DITO SIM          ]

  As we all await the NCR launch of DITO Telecommunity, here are some things you should know about the network’s products and services that may be useful for those who are planning to subscribe to DITO:

We always hear the phrase “Next-Generation Technology” but what does it really mean for everyday internet users? The use of next-generation technology in telecommunications can be summarized in two words: Breakthrough connectivity. Next gen technology paves the way for clearer, faster, and optimized connections which drive performance that goes beyond mobile devices. At DITO, users are assured that they are subscribing to innovative and reliable data services which are built on world-class digital infrastructures and technology.

What is VoLTE? - Short for Voice over LTE; VoLTE is one of the next-generation mobile technologies available to DITO users. Simply put, VoLTE means that your telco provider lets you make voice calls using the faster and more efficient LTE network instead of the usual 2G and 3G networks. Remember the olden days when your data connection stops every time you receive a phone call? You will experience none of that with VoLTE! Through VoLTE, you can enjoy better quality on your phone calls thanks to its ability to use more bandwidth.

What is interconnectivity? - mandated by Republic Act 7925, interconnection among telco providers is required to provide universal accessibility to Filipinos and to ensure fair and healthy competition. For DITO subscribers, this means that you can also make voice calls and send text messages to other mobile networks!

Which phones are DITO-ready? As DITO ushers in a new era in telecommunications with next-generation technology, it is important to pair your DITO SIM with a DITO-compatible mobile phone to ensure that you get to experience the best that this next-gen technology has to offer. And you don't have to worry about price! There is a wide variety of phones that will fit any 
budget, from low-end to mid-range up to high-end that are all DITO-ready! 

  In case your current phone is not yet on the list, you can check back again on this site since DITO is continuously testing different phone brands and models to enable more users to access the high-speed, reliable data that DITO offers.

  You may notice that some phones which are not yet on the official list can still get to access the DITO network, but this is only due to the ongoing qualifying and testing. It is still advisable to wait for your specific phone model to be included in the list of compatible phones to ensure a seamless and quality user experience.

 DITO covered areas as of April 30, 2021:

Visayas (Metro Cebu)
  • Car-car
  • Cebu City
  • Consolacion
  • Danao
  • Liloan
  • Mandaue
  • Minglanilla
  • Naga
  • San Fernando
  • Talisay
  • Compostela
  • Cordova 
Mindanao (Metro Davao)
  • Panabo
  • Tagum
  • Carmen
  • Davao City
  • Digos
  • General Santos City (South Cotabato)
South Luzon
  • Malvar (Batangas)
  • Tanauan (Batangas)
  • Lipa City (Batangas)
  • Santo Tomas (Batangas)
  • Silang (Cavite)
  • Tagaytay City (Cavite)
  • Los Banos (Laguna)
  • Calamba (Laguna)
  • Baliuag (Bulacan)
Central Luzon
  • Palayan (Nueva Ecija)
  • Santa Rosa (Nueva Ecija)
  • Science City of Munoz (Nueva Ecija)
  • Talavera (Nueva Ecija)
  • Cabanatuan City (Nueva Ecija)
  • Tarlac City (Tarlac)
  • Capas (Tarlac)
  • Concepcion (Tarlac)
  • Gerona (Tarlac)
National Capital Region (Soon)

  You can check out DITO’s Official Facebook Page here for an updated list of DITO-covered areas. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting announcements in the coming days as DITO will unveil more locations and new products!

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