Thursday, April 15, 2021

Team Pasimano named as the PH Champion in the Go Green Country 2021 Finals.

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  BS Biology Students from University of the Philippines (Visayas) were crowned as the champions of 2021 Go Green Country Finals. Running on its 11th year, Go Green is a global student competition on the search for innovators and game changers across the globe who dare to disrupt, to put their skills to the test, and to push the boundaries of sustainable and digital transformation in Energy Management.

  Team Pasimano, composed of Jade Karrie Palma and Pauline Anna Lamela, emerged victorious among the Top 3 Finalists from Over 100 entries nationwide.

  Their winning project, Pasimano, is a solar-thermal window that collects and converts light and heat energy into power and electricity. It allows consumers to use natural sources of energy, while using products derived from materials often 
neglected in the environment: agricultural waste. The window, made from nanosilica and lignocellulose extracted from rice husk and biomass, aims to provide energy that is efficient and long-lasting.

  In addition to their promise of creating sustainable energy, utilizing green technology, offering a more affordable option to commercial windows and commercial solar panels, and promoting agricultural waste management, Pasimano pledges to provide clean and sustainable energy to underprivileged 

“We are committed to reach our goal of providing a more efficient and sustainable source of energy. We aim to launch Project ‘Bintana Para sa Tanan’ or Windows for All, wherein for every 10 Pasimano window panels purchased, one window panel will be donated to chosen household from an underprivileged community,” - Jade Palma.

  Through this cause, clients will be able to contribute to environmental change, as well as help those in need. With Pasimano, nobody will be left in the dark.

  Lamela and Palma will be representing the Philippines in the 2021 Regional Finals, where they will be competing against delegates across Asia-Pacific on June 15-17, 2021.

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