Monday, April 19, 2021

Epson renews Environmental Vision 2050.

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   Epson has renewed Environmental Vision 2050, a statement of the company's environmental goals for 2050, to achieve sustainability and enrich communities. Epson will become carbon negative and underground resource free by 2050.

  Epson was founded in 1942 in Suwa, a city located in the rich natural environment of Nagano, Japan. Harmonious co-existence with the communities in which we operate has always been a cornerstone of the company, and even as our operations have expanded globally, our culture of respect for the environment has never wavered, and we have always maintained ambitious environmental goals. Epson established Environmental Vision 2050 in 2008 and revised it in 2018 to realign it with a changed operating environment.
  This latest revision was made as part of the Epson 25 Renewed corporate vision, which set "achieving sustainability and enriching communities" as the company's aspirational goal. 

  Specifically, we set goals that clearly show our commitment to tackling the major societal issues of decarbonization and resource recycling, and we will proceed with concrete efforts to achieve them.

Environmental Vision 2050

  Epson will become carbon negative and underground resource 1 free by 2050 to achieve sustainability and enrich communities.


2030: Reduce total emissions in line with the 1.5℃ scenario 2
2050: Carbon negative and underground resource 1 free


  • Reduce the environmental impacts of products and services and in supply chains
  • Achieve sustainability in a circular economy and advance the frontiers of industry through creative, open innovation
  • Contribute to international environmental initiatives
  The Epson 25 Renewed corporate vision, which was established on March 18, 2021, includes Environmental Vision 2050. In line with this vision, Epson will pursue decarbonization and resource recycling programs, provide products and services that reduce environmental impacts, and develop environmental technology.

  Epson plans to spend and invest 100 billion yen on decarbonization, resource recycling, and environmental technology development over the next ten years. It expects these efforts to enable the company to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain by more than two million tonnes. Even apart from this 100-billion-yen investment, Epson will concentrate its management resources on developing products and services that reduce the environmental impacts of our customers.

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