Tuesday, March 9, 2021

AOC introduce new Commercial Displays in the PH.

AOC Business Smart TV Gizmo Manila

  AOC Monitors continues to lead the Philippine market because of its innovative monitors that fit many functionalities required by leading industries in the country. This year, AOC Monitors is once again at the forefront of innovation with its new Commercial Displays. AOC Monitors’ Commercial Display aims to provide a solution to industry-wide challenges, with improved features that build upon what made earlier models successful.

  This year, AOC Monitors are introducing new models that keep up with the changing times. Now equipped to interface with Android version 8 firmware and USB devices, these monitors are smarter and are capable of executing more tasks than the usual commercial display in the market.

  AOC Monitors is releasing six new LFD models in its premium SPX Series line of monitors. These monitors come in these sizes:
  • 43”
  • 50”
  • 55”
  • 65”
  • 75”
  • 86”
  All come with 4K UHD resolution with a brightness of 500 cd/m2. Designed with an elegant look, the SPX series have narrow bezels on all sides, allowing viewers to focus on what matters most. Smarter than Smart TV, SPX series monitors is the next step in the evolution of smart displays. Users can interface with the monitor even without the need for cables and disk drives with the SPX series’ Cloud Management System. Everything’s done over the Internet, allowing seamless management anywhere you are.

  Sometimes, we have to roll our sleeves and get our hands dirty, even within the confines of a conference room during meetings. Enter AOC Monitors SPT series Interactive White Boards (IWB). With AOC Monitors’ IWB, presenters are able to add a touch of flair to their reports and pitches. With cloud-based conference functionality, this very modern device keeps up with the times, offering novel business meeting solutions that no other monitors can provide. SPT series monitors also come in different sizes, starting from 55” to 86”.

  Finally, AOC Monitors is adding the SPU series to its Commercial Display offerings. Targeted towards global brands, these monitors can connect to each other all over the world, allowing brands to create, manage, and publish content with seamless ease and uniformity. These monitors also have built-in Wi-Fi modules that allow brands to manage their content without any hardware interaction whatsoever. AOC Monitors SPU series feature models in 75” displays.

  Improve your business today with AOC Monitors Commercial Displays. Choose solutions that solve the right problems. Choose solutions that work. Contact your local dealer today.

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