Saturday, February 27, 2021

Experience the Double Speed Booster with Globe At Home’s fastest Home Prepaid WiFi ever!

Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Gizmo Manila

  Having an internet connection at home has been a necessity in the new normal. More than just surfing the internet, it also uses for daily work from home, online businesses, online classes, entertainment and more.

  That's why Globe introduces a new affordable WiFi for the whole family. It's the new LTE-Advanced Home Prepaid WiFi! This is Globe At Home's fastest and newest Home Prepaid WiFi with double speed boosters. So everyone can experience the powerful data 
speeds of Globe at Home.

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  Even multiple users can connect to LTE-Advanced Home Prepaid WiFi, fast and seamless connection for the whole family. For just PHP 1,999 one-time payment, you can avail of Globe At Home’s newest and fastest Prepaid WiFi ever from 

  Load your favorite HomeSURF at HomeWATCH promos to make the most of your internet connection through Globe At Home app.

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