Monday, November 23, 2020

Huawei #BestMate Holiday treats.

Huawei MatePad Holiday Gizmo Manila
  This year has been quite a challenge to all – the pandemic has truly shaped everyone’s life one way or another. Even more, this has caused big adjustments in our day to day activities– work and study, formerly in offices and schools are now conducted in our own homes for health and safety reasons. Given this, there’s a high demand for devices that can help us navigate through our daily responsibilities. As Christmas time is fast-approaching, you certainly want to share the best gifts with the people you love the most right? Here’s why the HUAWEI MatePad will just perfect for you and the family:

  Earlier this year, the HUAWEI MatePad was introduced to the Philippine market marked with features that help users live a more productive life despite the current setbacks. The HUAWEI MatePad is designed for portability given its 7.9mn width weighing at only 450g. Powered by Kirin 810, the HUAWEI MatePad will smoothly cater to everyday demands with the App Multiplier and Multi-Window feature which allows you to multi-task with ease allowing you to open two windows at the same time. For example, you can read your e-books, take down meeting notes or listen through your online meeting simultaneously while shopping or reading the news. Great huh?

[       Huawei MateBook 14       ]

  It also has intelligent features like the HUAWEI Multi-Screen Collaboration, which connects you to your HUAWEI smartphone at a system level and enables you to control both interfaces on the tablet for seamless cross-platform interaction. This means that you can transfer your files, answer calls and messages by just placing your device on your tablet screen offering you a bigger viewing area on its 10.4-inch 2K FullView display, powered with the HUAWEI ClariVu Display Enhancement technology which makes picture and video details superb and almost realistic. The tablet also has four high amplitude built-in speakers tuned by Harman Kardon and supports Histen 6.0 to drive 3D stereo sound effects which ensures superb audio quality making sure you never miss a word from your meeting or class.

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  Lastly, the HUAWEI MatePad is also TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified which protects the eyes from harmful blue light. This is especially important for young children as they are on-screen for long periods of time in the e-learning classroom, which lessens the chances of them developing eye myopia and strain.

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  The HUAWEI MatePad T 10 is also a good device if your looking for something more affordable. This smaller device also boost same powerful features as well that will help you and your family boost productivity. At only 450g, It boosts a 9.7-inch HD display, two large sound cavity speakers enhanced by the HUAWEI Histen 6.1. This tablet also boosts intelligent features like the HUAWEI Share and App Multiplier which makes this also a great option for the ease of the office and study at home demands, This tablet is also TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified as well offering maximum eye comfort filtering blue-light from screen protecting the eyes and offering users maximum comfort!

[       Huawei MatePad T 10 Unboxing      ]

  The HUAWEI MatePad and the HUAWEI MatePad T 10 comes pre-installed with the HUAWEI AppGallery, the third largest app distributor in the world. It houses the apps you need for work like Zoom, which is everyone’s go-to for online meetings. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

  HUAWEI’s Petal Search Widget – is available as your gateway to a million apps! Here you can search for any app even if it’s unavailable in Huawei’s App Gallery like Google Classroom or Quipper.

  There’s also lot of apps here that are very educational, especially designed for kids like:
  • Azoomee
  • ABC Spelling
  • Math Kids Learning
  • Baby Panda’s School Bus
  You and the family can bond over these apps to explore, play and learn at home together just in time for the Christmas season.

  What’s great too is that these tablets are installed with Kids Corner – a dedicated area with preinstalled recorder, camera, multimedia and painting apps which will allow them to explore their creativity while being safe online. You can easily manage time, apps, and other content here allowing multiple designated time limit intervals throughout the day giving them the right balance of play and study.

  Parents can choose which apps children can use through app management, and also select the videos and photos that they let their kid see through content management. This features allows you to be a teacher to your kids, guiding them to further explore and expand. Surely, the HUAWEI MatePad series has now got you and your family all the tools you need to not only conquer the work and study from home hurdles but it also is a bonding device which you and the family can share, just in time for Christmas!

  As the season of giving is fast-approaching, why not treat the family with these amazing gifts? HUAWEI is offering you a special Early Christmas Promo for the HUAWEI MatePad and HUAWEI MatePad T 10 with gifts up to PHP 1,378!

  For every purchase of the HUAWEI MatePad now comes 
  • HUAWEI MatePad Cover
  • 15GB HUAWEI Cloud Storage for 12 months
  You can pay through credit card installment in all major banks up to 24 months with no interest rate in dealerships and stores. 

  You can buy your very own HUAWEI MatePad through Lazada, Shoppee or exclusively through the Huawei Store. The HUAWEI MatePad T 10 can also be purchased via Lazada, Shoppee, and through the Huawei Store as well!

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